Thrive Hive

Are you ready to join the next generation of game changers?

Then this community of women entrepreneurs is what you’ve been waiting for!


By joining the Thrive Hive you will:

  • Meet and network with other female entrepreneurs
  • Expand your reach and grow your audience
  • Share your content and spread the word about what you do
  • Get featured in the Thrive Hive Member Directory
  • Have an opportunity to be featured as a speaker, teacher and mentor
  • Connect with other entrepreneurs through Hive Office Hours, which are members-only Google Hangouts focused on a specific business hurdle
  • Participate in monthly challenges within the community
  • Open up incredible opportunities for collaboration
  • Have a safe place to ask questions and fertile testing ground for new product and service ideas/launches
  • Receive feedback from your peers and virtual high fives when it’s time to celebrate your success!


Here’s how to know if you’re a Thrive Hive girl:

  • You’re serious about growing your business and spreading the word about what you do
  • You want to learn from other successful female entrepreneurs
  • You’re tired of drive-by sales tactics used in other online communities
  • You thrive on collaboration
  • You benefit from tapping into the collective brainpower of women who’ve been where you want to go
  • No more “drive-by”: Have you ever been in an online community where a large group of the members never contribute to the conversation, but they certainly show up to drop a link to their latest blog post, product for sale, or event. We call this a “drive-by” community. You see this kind of activity all the time in free groups. There are hundreds of free communities out there that you can join, but there is a good reason for having a little skin in the game. In fact, there are several reasons why you get more when you pay to join a community.
  • Say bye-bye to spammy sales pitches: What about the groups where it’s all about the group leader or facilitator? They created the community so they are perfectly comfortable spamming you with all of their sales pitches. This turns off other group members and results in communities where no one wants to hang out.

When you have a little skin in the game, you are more likely to be an active part of the conversation, which improves the caliber of people you’ll meet in an online community.

When growing an online business, it’s amazing what a difference it makes to surround yourself with other influential and well-connected people. Your time is limited and you can only join so many groups! Spend the time you have wisely by connecting with people who have the knowledge and experience to help your business grow.


Meet The Thrive Hive Team

Thrive Hive is collaborative effort between Sandy Sidhu Media and Jules Taggart Marketing StrategyWant to know more about the women behind Thrive Hive? Meet the Thrive Hive Team!

Sandy Sidhu

Sandy Sidhu Media

Jules Taggart

Jules Taggart Marketing Strategy

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