101 East – Cambodia’s Deadly Politics


Cambodia’s Deadly Politics – 101 East

They’ve endured genocide, war and grinding poverty, and now the people of Cambodia appear to be battling another enemy, with a crackdown on opposition voices.

Prime Minister Hun Sen has been in power for 31 years and his family is reaping the benefits. Experts estimate the family’s combined wealth is between US$500 million and US$1 billion – an unimaginable fortune for the 40 per cent of Cambodians who live in poverty.

101 East investigates how those who dared to criticise the government have ended up in jail or in exile or, worse still, paying with their lives.

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  1. Paris an other Nation an all Human Right Group along with UN should step in, how many more lives will be lost until other Nation step in too help ?????

  2. Your film just made headlines in Cambodia, where young activists were detained for showing it…Good thing is all reports now lead to this inquiry and more people will watch it…from home.

  3. There are no real democracy in Cambodia. There are overly corrupted government, from top to bottom. How the UN going to fix this matters ?

  4. I'm most disgusted with the people who help to carry out the subjugation of a nation like this. The policemen, henchmen and people in the government. I really wonder how they can live with themselves knowing they are just minions for the exploitation of the masses. By the way the ambassador can barely put a sentence together. Either because of frustration or because of lack of English knowledge. It would have been better if he spoke in Khmer and there was a translator.

  5. You know what is the most disgusting thing ever? Lying, knowing that you're lying and that people know you're lying.
    This is what politicians do!

  6. Aljazeera is one of the rare news organizations that actually do journalistic investigations…everyone else just talk about tweets and throw out opinions (i.e. fake news). Thank you for this story.

  7. I didn't want my social destroy back again and again, peace cambodian got from we so together so hard but political not agree to start build future for cambodia, so tired look my nation beautiful like harven behind we have a lot of problem to pull our nation didn't have freedom of truth for live, all kind people have education not balance, news is the important for cambodian people want but it's drama, i didn't want the hill game continue forever on cambodian people on future!!!

  8. He was gunned down in a gas station invested from america — CalTex. Should the govt of US do anything for kind of these shameful disgusting acts of Cambo govt? The country is not fair enough for live, yet the whole world is not any too to save Cambodia.

  9. This reminded me of China backed Khmer Rouge. The problem is that Cambodia has overly depended on China. Cambodia has never learned its last lesson of the Cambodian Genocide, which was fully supported by China.

  10. ALJ has always provided the best documentary. As a Cambodian, I feel so sad inside but have no courage to speak out loud. The 2018 Cambodian election is coming soon, but I have no idea whom to choose when the appealing opposition party has been fled to other country. What is the use of the election when the result is obviously the same? His country, his business. He already claimed to continued this business until he is 99 years old. I'll have no idea what to do, but to wait and see the business continue on to his next and next generations(maybe).

  11. Dr. Kemley, the khmer hero! we all will never forget you and your wisdoms. your sacrificed more than everyone else just for this country in order to find a prosperity for the nation in the future. i including with a lot of khmer young generation will continue your wills and desires to fighting against corruptions, dictatorship, rotten government system under Hun sen power. you done a great job! may u rest in peace.

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