101 East – Sabah’s Invisible Children


Hiding in the shadows of the Malaysian state of Sabah, are tiny figures, the children of migrants who are growing up stateless. Born in Malaysia but citizens of no country, they spend their lives on the run from authorities.
101 East enters the world of Sabah’s invisible children.

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  1. What unfairness… Poor people, they only want to live peacefully like all others, but are being hunted down because 'they belong somewhere else'. They should be given rights to stay in this country and live freely.

  2. As sad as these stories might be, whose fault is it ? Blame the parents who came smuggled in illegally. They caused their children to be stateless. These people have violated the laws and they think they can just take a boat back and forth coming and going into Malaysia as the pleased. The parents should be blamed, not the Malaysian government. Indonesians and Filipinos stateless children needs to be sent back to their own country because the longer they stay in Malaysia, they are missing out on their education. And they gonna grow up uneducated, they face discriminations and gonna be forever in poverty working at minimum wages. It's a sad life cycle. They need to be sent back and start a new life so they can move on.

  3. Malaysia Indonesia Filipina gov should take action on them..Give this children proper document where they belong and give proper education.put politict aside and start save people

  4. itu org tua mahu anak berjaya tapi tidak kasi bagus hidup dia dlu tapi beranak juga banyak2 d sabah sdh tau ending dia mcm mna,nti susah.. tetap malas urus dokumen mahu jalan pintas senang saja plg manang tau komplen kerajaan saja.. semua itu terjadi dr sikap individu bukan sabah

  5. As a Sabahan, I really feel sad to see this. Sad for both sides: the illegal immigrants and the people of Sabah. i pity them for having no documents, struggling with lives, but at the same time, Sabah as a whole has been seriously affected by their presence. We do not have enough resources to help such a big crowd. The total numbers are likely to far exceed the number of real Sabahan. Throughout the years, the Sabah and Malaysian government haven't been trying to stop them from entering, and we now jointly bear the consequences.

  6. Well, they were born in Sabah. In my eyes at least they are Sabahan. Violence only breeds violence after all. They are here already might as well make the best of it. That's my view at least.

  7. pity for the Bajau Laut hope the Malaysian government will do something about it because they got no land or home like or not there one of us too.

  8. Everyone just need to scroll down the page and read these entitled, arrogant pinoys comments. Makes it easier to understand why this documentary existed in the first place, right? These lots have no regard of modern referendums and treaties, but instead choose to uphold an abrograted and outdated tyranical treaty. Had you lots set your mind to this century's way of thinking, maybe your children could've gotten their documents. Sabah dont want you, so stop forcing them to call you lots "master". Play by the rule, now. Stop being entitled savages.

  9. This is truely sad, I promised myself. once I get through a few year's, of being an entrepreneur. I'll travel to area's such as this the slums. Worse of the worse parts, with a team of Dr, attorney ect. with truck's and boat loads of food,medicine, clothes and goods to try and help. For kid's build large orphanage, same for abandoned widows in India. When I turn 27 or 30 I'll travel around and help. Being raised an orphan that has been my purpose in life. To build a business empire and spread good fortune. Sad how people with good lives treat other's suffering like it's not their problem. if more people helped, those in need could rise to do great thing's. especially at a young age, I remember I was curious and eager to learn at a young age. However my will to learn wasn't natured. So I'd like to help whatever possible and build a future where people help one another.

  10. Sabah belong to the Philippines try to read the history. Filipinos from Muslim tribe is entitle to citizenship. Do not harass my countrymen you Malaysians or Sabahians. They are human not animals entitle to a descent living. Lord Jesus Christ help all those oppress people in Sabah Filipinos or Indonesians.

  11. omaigod.. to phillipines immigrants in Malaysia.. please, dont expect more from the malaysian government.. like this one person who claims that he live in malaysia for years and cnt get the citizenship neither complete protection.. yes u cant if u dont have document.. thts it.. enaff..

  12. Why keep blaming sabahan and Malaysian gov if these stateless ppl are from the Philipines and Indonesia? And why Indonesian and filipino govs don't care abt their ppl? Do care about your own ppl problem before pointing our country.

  13. They were given a free documents actually,and most of them have a beautiful house and apartment.Come to sabah and see it by yourself!The government give them a comfortable house and apartment for them! Meanwhile, the real sabahan,which are not from Indonesia nor Philippines, the true sabahan, didn't get any help from the government.

  14. Most comment here why the government not give them legal document or nationality. Firstly the state of Sabah have full autonomy on immigrant policy. Even the Federal Government can't do much. Secondly Sabah have a diverse races with small percentage different among them so giving document or nationality will have political consequences and create further tightening of rules in the border area.

    Its a Catch 22 situation for Federal Government, while willing to give little help buy won't want to appease the state population. And by the way a third of the illegal are Christian and another third is muslim and the rest are probably atheist. East coast of Sabah has always been Malaysia's Cowboy Region and look like will remain so but a fantastic place to live.

  15. This is heartbreaking. Those poor bloody kids sniffing glue to escape from life. 50 sen may not sound like a lot of money if you're earning an upper middle class salary in KL but I'm sure it's a lot if you have to earn money selling plastic bags or collecting tins. God bless the teachers in the NGO schools.

  16. Selfish thinking, we Malaysian will not starve by helping others. Live their life before judging, try to understand before hating, not all of them are bad, these children are innocent. I cannot make myself blaming them. They never ask to be given nationality, just a shelter, halal way to get food, to be educated, & not to be treated like criminals. Thank GOD our creator will not ask for IDs in the afterlife.

  17. why the malaysia gov. doesnt give the legal document to them, they are muslims, came from same root…before malay and indo established, they were freely across the island..

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