101 East – South Korea: Kimchi Crazy


Meet South Korea’s unlikeliest superstar – BJ Fitness Fairy.

Each night, she eats enough for three people in front of a webcam watched by thousands of viewers. Critics say this bizarre trend is a symptom of widespread unhappiness and a rise of one-person households in South Korea.

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  1. Personally, live-streaming eating actually sounds kind of nice… Especially for those with mental illnesses who have trouble actually interacting with other people. It kind of feels like you're eating with someone without the pressure of social situations

  2. how on earth aren't they all huge with diabetes? I can only eat certain things and my diet is restricted because of my digestive problem yet I have now developed diabetes and don't eat a third of they eat in one night in one week ffs, it's not fair. These people fry a major proportion of their food, I don't fry mine, they eat all kinds of nuts, I can't have nuts, see what I mean, oh I would dearly love to eat a big meal, just once with all the things I would love to eat lol

  3. Eventhough i love eating k food i find korean food too much acidic.. almost every food taste like kimchi n soybean paste. Other asian country have lots of verity.

  4. Please send us here in the USA the original recipes for kimchi in glass containers to keep the integrity of flavour

    Thanks to HMart Grocery store in Cambridge, MA

  5. Alright, lets be real here. I love korean food. I eat at korean restaurants like at least once a week. But Korean food will not become one of the worlds best cousins.
    Kimchi, soon tofu, pork bone soup, bibimbap, kimbap, kbbq…… these are really tasty, but they are homey foods. Foods you eat after a long day at work and just want something tasty and warming to relax with.
    But none of these are high end foods. There is no foie gras, or a-5 wagyu, or ottoro nigiri, in the Korean food world. And with no high end foods to expire towards, korean food will never be more than a comfort food.

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