17 Year Periodical Cicadas – Planet Earth – BBC Earth


The biggest insect emergence on the planet is underway – after an absence of 17 years the next batch of Periodical Cicadas will grace the Forest for just a mere few days. For the Turtle and other Forest inhabitants this will be one very rare but ultimately satisfying banquet.

Taken From Planet Earth

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  1. Saw the nymphs all around my house at night, next week their adult forms are all over the place lol. I saw this huge wave in kindergarten but thought I was tripping… now I see them everywhere again, at least ik I'm not tripping lol

  2. this is not accurate, there are more than one type of cicada, and here in maryland we have 4 different broods, and they are staggered, meaning its not 17 years between cicada years.

  3. I'm kinda glad these lil suckers don't come out for years. Cuz GOSH, they are ANNOYING XD also, the predatord were eating those cicadas like POPCORN XD

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