7/7 London Bombings: How Story Unfolded On Sky News


On July 7, 2005, four suicide bombers targeted London’s transport network, detonating bombs on three Tube trains and a double-decker bus. The attacks, near Aldgate, Edgware Road and Russell Square Underground stations and in Tavistock Square, killed 52 people and injured hundreds more. This is how the 7/7 bombings were initially reported on Sky News.

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  1. I hate to sound like some kind of crackpot but I predicted this… the day before this happened the 2012 Olympic Games were announced for London. I told the support worker who was working with me (I'm special needs) that I would not be in the leat bit surprised if there was a terrorist attack the next day and lo and behold I was right. I remember when it was because it was my gran's birthday.

  2. This entire event was a HOAX.  It was a fabricated event, with a fabricated narrative.  Its like a play, conducted by perpetrators who are guilty of FRAUD.   Everyone seen on all the footage, interviewed or part of the action, including officials, politicians, rescue workers and media representatives, are in on it.   It is that big.

  3. "Explosion … a bang heard could be power related so not necessarily an Explosion" 
    no compassion for the relatives of the potential victims' relatives listening to these breezy dismissive 'presenters'. Also causing chaos as relatives of victims go out of their minds with fear and dread. Disgusting. It's a very believable scenario that:
     "it was a Zionist Psyopps Operation Just like they killed Jews in order to establish Anti-Semitica, these Zionists will USE anything and everything to further their Global Subjugation. Their favorite used to be fellow Jews But now it's Muslims." 
    However I choose to believe the Mainstream version of events, only I can't make out why Muslims would be SO intent on creating Islamophobia? Surely Islamophobia would be something the Zionists would wish to create? And again with the Charlie Hebdo operation, why would Muslims be so intent on endangering their fellow Muslims and their OWN families by infecting white blobby people with this new epidemic disease ISlamOphOBIa. The New York Times' "Six Million Jews Theme" has been planned by Zionists since the year eighteen eighty two .. go on type it in up in the search bar … The BiBi See treacherous betrayal of British citizen. They shall have No Forgiveness, No Redemption, No Salvation, only Mercy, as we Eradicate the Cruel Humanely. Lest We forget … hear 7/7, think Thatcher/Blair/Cameron.

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