A diverse and divided Britain: The people of Oldham’s views


A government review has warned that Britain is becoming more divided as the country grows more diverse. The report says school children should be taught British values of tolerance and respect, to help bind communities. Our Correspondent Lisa Holland went Oldham to examine the scale of the problem.

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  1. Why are they referring to those muslims as "asian"? It appears that whatever asians where once there, are not there anymore. Why can't people just chose to live amongst thier own? When will the western media stop pushing multiculturalism? It has failed and will continue to do so. The media pushes White Genocide.

  2. I've lived in oldham it ain't as bad as this documentary makes it,
    I rather enjoyed it,
    Fish and chips weekdays and a proper curry on weekend
    Lovely 😊

  3. we in Britain have been overwhelmed by Muslims!! this is White British destruction by British Government!! who are the BRITISH govts working for?? it's certainly not the white British people is it?? We True British people never were given the choice of whether we wanted mass Muslim immigration into our country!! Every govt from 1950 onwards have imported millions of Muslims into Britain without considering the destruction of British people's lives and the destruction of our communities up and down our country!! these people are not civilised Human beings!they are from the middle ages in their way of life!! they mutilate they're females!!they are a barbaric race that don't belong in Britain!!

  4. They are not as British as him their ancestors didn't fight and die for that country they have no love for the country and it's values that's the difference.

  5. …..meanwhile….. whites, blacks, ..Sikhs and Hindus, the Chinese, Vietnamese, the Philippino's are all hanging out drinking beers, playing football and having a jolly good time….

  6. "The diversity in the human family should be the cause of love and harmony, as it is in music where many different notes blend together in the making of a perfect chord." ~ Abdul=Baha

  7. After Brexit many Pakistani people arrived to Britain , but Not form Pakistan but from West European countries. For example Italy ,Spain and Germany . I strange but economy there is not very low ?!

  8. One needn't be 'racist' or 'xenophobic' to want to live in a non-Muslim / non-black / non-ChineseΒ area. British people like to live alongside their own; people with a similar sense of humour; people who like women; people who like football and a beer. There needs to be a 'context of understanding' in any and every country, but this is impossible amongst people with next to nothing in common. This, of course, applies to any racial or religious grouping: who wouldn't be outraged to see, say…Indonesia swamped by the Scottish, or Iceland over-run by Japanese? Countries, in the main, need to stick to their own, allowing a 'normal' level of immigration which can be assimilated within that host country; this way, the customs and culture of that country remain intact. Worldwide, this would give us a TRULY 'diverse' and interesting world: where's the 'diversity' in Holloway, North London? Or Bethnal Green? Or Luton? Or Southall? The joys of 'diversity' were CRAMMED down our throats during the 90s by the Great and the Good: remember all those interviews about how 'vibrant' and 'colourful' we were going to be? They were endless! They knew what was coming. The LibLabCon Party were all singing from the same multicultural hymn sheet but at no time were we asked permission to have Britain changed beyond recognition. What contempt we were shown by our politicians, safe in the knowledge that the British are, frankly, docile. They wouldn't have got away with it in other parts of the world where they have street-lighting…

  9. so would the guy with the flag, object to a white family who liked cooking curry's, or is it only none white curry cooking people he objects to.
    What a load of nonsense

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