Abrupt End To Sky News Chuka Umunna Interview


Sky’s Dermot Murnaghan questions Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna about a letter sent to mosques in England, urging them to do more to root out extremists.



  1. So he cannot give his own opinion? 

    He has to be briefed on it first. . . In case he gets it wrong ?  His OWN opinion ?

    This Tory shill holds the British people in utter contempt.

  2. After watching this interview that was conducted by this so-called British journalist known as Dermot Murnaghan now it makes me wonder why Chuka Umunna blamed the tension that he had on the British media when he stood to run for the Labour Party leadership role. Having said it is very sad the way he was asked question which wasn't not what he expected. If I was him I would have put that journalist in his place publicly on national television. Naive and stupid people will always ends up hanging on to their own darkness world what a stupid journalist I believe he has to be dismissed completely.

  3. not a fan of chuka umunna or labour at all……but the interviewer here behaved disgracefully. there is a difference between aggressive interviewing and just being downright insulting. there was no need for that petulant comment at the end, how can he talk about a letter he hasnt read? especially if he was not told he would be discussing it beforehand? umunna was perfectly right to walk out.

  4. He's thrown his hat into the ring to become next Labour leader. Somehow I just can't imagine the white working classes in Sunderand or Barnsley voting for a black man whose name sounds like he's come from Zimbabwe. Some might call that racist but it's how millions of these people still think, and all those years trying to brain wash people with left-wing politically correct dogma by organisations like the BBC won't change a thing.

  5. Dermot Murnaghan was arrogant and ver disrespectful to Chuka Umunna. But I am sure he didn't think he did anything wrong. To then end the interview by saying that Chuka Umunna was towing the part line is outrageous. I'm surprised he didn't walk out of the interview sooner!! Dermot should apologise.

  6. This is why I'm glad I stopped watching sky news.

    I severely resent being forced to side with someone as slimy as ummuna.

    Is this the latest american import? Crappy, unprofessional, biased opinion dressed up as news reporting?

    What's worse is murnaghan going along with it. He must have some big bills to pay if he's sunk this low.

  7.  What's always interested me is the way politicians are portrayed as grubby lying scumfucks (which some of them are) but the media who are universally grubby lying scumfucks get a free ride. They get to make a few quid and apathy is gradually killing british politics. I'd be impressed if it wasnt for the fact it's killing our country.

  8. Seems like people don't know what the thumbing for.
    A dislike for chuka or like for the chuka failure.

    What a pathetic MP & talks like a polite queer.

  9. The interviewer is acting like a school bully, or rather, a politician! He just acts like he's trying to score a political point, rather than really find out what Chuka thinks. If he was invited on to talk about something, and then it's switched to something else, how on earth can the interviewer have the arrogance to behave like that? I would have WALKED too. 

  10. Poor planning to invite Chuka Umunna on, for one topic, and then attempt to grill him over an unrelated topic. Murnaghan was distinctly rude; and foolish toward someone who might be a cabinet minister in a few months. He was more user-friendly on Eggheads

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