Addicted At Birth: The Babies Hooked On Heroin | Special Report | Sky News


The number of babies born addicted to drugs in the United States has quadrupled in the last decade, new figures reveal.

Every half an hour a baby is born craving the drug its mother was addicted to, according to a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The rise is being blamed on a growing epidemic of painkiller and heroin use currently gripping America.

In this special result, Sky’s Nick Martin gains access to a clinic specialising in treating babies born addicted to narcotics.

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  1. 😒 oh my lord. this is just made me cry. why they use it on born precious they are like sensible flowers. this is so crime. save this world world God. pleaseπŸ™

  2. when I was in a methadone clinic I heard a doctor telliNg a patient that the methadone would not cross the placenta therefore would not cause dependence in the baby and knew it was bull. dope dealers with a degree.

  3. tbh, if it were up to me I'd have them kill the babies if they are born like this. unless they can be helped, but u can't help disabilities, so in the trash they go… the babies will be fine without there drugs

  4. It is so sad this world is going this way with drugs and all other addictions. It is sad that my baby gonna grow in this fucked up world and it is impossible to protect her from seeing this πŸ˜“ And i cant not judge these people, it is hard but not impossible to quit drugs, specially for a baby 😢

  5. My aunt came back from the marines, and she had a heroine problem. She was sick, and used all her money on heroine. She was living on the streets and at times, she has been beaten almost to death. One day she was out late one night and she was raped. She stopped heroine. My grandmother took her in and while she was pregnant, my aunt didnt even touch it. See, its not an excuse. My aunt was addicted for almost 20 years, and she had a wake up call. She now lives in a very nice house. She's married and happy. Its just how much work u put into it, that really pays off. But we all chimed in and took care of my aunt. There were times where she would break down and go on rampages screaming and throwing stuff, but at the end she was so thankful that we never gave up.

  6. I'm in the middle of understanding and being petty for how black people were being treated during the Crack Epidemic. Still waiting for them to crack down on White America like they did us.

  7. How does she feel guilty for her baby boy, if she also did the very same dang thing to her baby girl! That's not guilty lady, that is your Selfishness! Get it right woman! Unbelievable.

  8. Honestly, stop blaming the mothers. We live in a system that refuses to heal sick people, instead we criminalize drugs and throw people that need help in prison, which often makes them worse, when they get out the cycle repeats…

  9. Unless someone has a terminal illness, drugs like Oxy shouldn't be legal to prescribe. If we can't make that happen, then women who are given an oxy prescript should have to confirm that they've had an IUD put in, or had a Depro shot done.

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