Afghans demand more security after deadly Kabul blasts


Afghans demand more security after deadly Kabul blasts

Regional leaders are due to meet in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, on Tuesday to discuss resolving the longstanding war with Taliban fighters and other groups.

The summit comes as Kabul remains on alert after a series of attacks in Kabul that killed more than 100 people over the last week.

Afghans continued to protest, decrying the government’s handling of security.

Al Jazeera’s Natasha Ghoneim reports.

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  1. Pakistan will not live in peace and will not let others live in peace. A stable Afghanistan is not in Pakistan's interest. Pakistan ISI is using the Haqqani Taliban Network to undermine the Afghanistan Govt. These terrorists once again proved they don’t represent any religion and they only carry out such coward attacks to please their Pakistani masters which is against all Islamic and human rights principals. Pakistan seems determined to use the Taliban and all nations must come together and place sanctions on Pakistan for sponsoring terrorism and declare Pakistan as a terror state.

  2. Afghan Government Support Taliban and ISIL in Afghanistan. but always blame Pakistan for terrorism. Even, after the blast, ISIL claims but afghan government blamed Pakistan for it. #WTF

  3. how do you know the corruption of this government?
    isis has claimed responsibility for this offiric attack on civilians but this corrupt government cuz it issued a news saying it was done by the taliban earlier so they dont wanna back out of their statement and they shot and killed 30 protesters they are corrupt to the core

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