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Documents and testimony obtained by Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit expose the inner workings of the Myanmar regime, providing “strong evidence” of genocide against the Rohingya minority.
Exclusive evidence reveals the government has been triggering communal violence for political gain by inciting anti-Muslim riots, using hate speech to stoke fear among the Myanmarese about Muslims, and offering money to hardline Buddhist groups who threw their support behind the leadership.
This eight-month investigation draws on a range of interviews with former and current military and intelligence officials, internally displaced people and advocacy groups.
The 48-minute documentary draws on documents from the Myanmar military, an unpublished United Nations report and other government paperwork, all presented here.
Assessed by Yale University Law School and the International State Crime Initiative at Queen Mary University of London, they constitute “strong evidence” of a state-led genocide.

Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit does not report the news. It makes the news. We reveal secrets and expose truths surrounded by silence.
The unit serves the public interest by uncovering malfeasance, wrongdoing and abuses of power.

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  1. My thing is still, are you guys doing the same investigations to bring Blair, the Bushes, Sarkozy e.t.c  before the ICC ????

    You people are selective, no equality in what you are doing, you are trying to make your name on the easy.

  2. Aung San Suu Kyi: All this time she was under house arrest, she was backing the slaughter of the Rohingya people. Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Prize Recipient, a disgrace to peace and a FRAUD.

  3. How many Rohingya Refugees have Qatar Taken? The answer is none. But Al jazeera will not publish the same, as the Royal Al Thani family will not like it…. Al Jazeera is a Hypocrite media house confined down to being concubines of Islamic Extremist groups.

  4. Dear Al Jazeera

    Your hypocritical company is owned by Qatar, a country that holds 2 million slaves in captivity. Your country also funds terrorism such as ISIS who is currently committing a genocide on Kurds, Yazidis, and Assyrians. If you're going to talk about genocide, talk about all the Human Rights violations, why don't you mention Saudi Arabia's genocide on Yemen (and funding of ISIS), and YOUR country of Qatar who abuses Asian migrant workers just for your selfish greed.

  5. Muslims genocide non Muslims in Islamic countries & Muslims majority in the name of invisible fairytale's god whereas even if Burmese did it but in the name of land. Who is more rational?

  6. MYANMAR  is a BUDHIST STATE there is no place for MUSLIMS, they can go back to BANGLADESH where they came from, can we have BUDHISTS or HINDU citizens in SAUDI ARABIA?  the answer is "NO"…

  7. Aye Chan, a historian at the Kanda University, suggests that the roots of Mujahideen movements in Arakan (1947) originated from the communal violence between Arakanese and Rohingya Muslims during World War II in 1942.[39] On 28 March 1942, Rohingya Muslims from Northern Arakan massacred around 20,000 Buddhists in Buthidaung and Maungdaw townships. At the same period, around 5,000 Muslims in Minbya and Mrauk-U Townships were also killed by the Arakanese Buddhists .[40] Such violence happened because the British armed Muslim groups in northern Arakan to create a buffer zone from the Japanese invasion when they retreated [41] and Muslims were promised by the British that if they supported the Allies they would be given their own "national area"

  8. If there's genocide going on I'm sure the US government has a front row seat. But the US can't help because they are only charitable with their bombs. They gave the Cambodians 150lbs of bomb for every man woman and child.

  9. There is no killing, no proof, just point to green paddy fields and said bodies are dumped.
    No smoking gun needed, just intent. How stupid and lowest of the low you can go to insult a country that deport illegals.
    Every country deport illegals. Go kill yourself in your very own Muslims genocidal countries all lying bustards.

  10. This is so sad. This struggle dates waaaay back!looong before being classified as stateless Bengali Muslims from Bangladesh since 1982. I wish people would BEHAVE themselves. Jesus! Aljazera when you dig up old bones & scratch old wounds-you need to define & identify your victims-you might actually help & not hinder lives-regardless of religion or ethnicity. This report reals with raw politics with hidden agendas and the real victim "the Mohammedans, you now call Rohingya are the ones in the middle that will perish-very sad. Prayers going out for these poor souls-Jesus!

  11. ارجو منكم غلق هذه البرنامج لانه مجلس فتنة بين العرب جميعا ويهدد الى الطائفية والتفكك العربي وهذا من صالح اعداء الامة العربية جميعا فلا تقعوا بالفخ ياعرب نحن مسلمين لافرق بين الاسلام جميعا باذن الله الواحد الاحد

  12. MYANMAR  only reacting to years of muslim provocation .   GOD DAMN islam !!  GOD DAMN the FALSE child molesting prophet Muhammad !!  GOD DAMN the quran !!  GOD DAMN ALL who profess this SATANIC political ideology of savagery and murder called islam !!    GOD BLESS THE MYANMAR ANTI-ISLAM HEROES !!!!!!!  AL JAZEERA LIES !!

  13. People angry and Aung San are missing the point. She has to tip toe the balance of holding power with the genocidal abuses… So she can try and stick around and create change. If she drops out who is going to fill her space… What makes you think she doesn't care? The world isn't always so black and white as you may want to judge.

  14. Su ki has won the elections. We expect more from the party. On her criticism part she has remained silent for a long period on muslim genocide. the reason is simple as she also wanted the support of the Buddhist regime. No party can win without the support of the majority population. All said the muslims in Burma and around the world would check her stance. I also believe she stripped of her nobel prize; but we live in a world where Barack obama got a nobel prize

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