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Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit enters the secretive world of the surveillance industry. Spy Merchants reveals for the first time how highly-invasive spyware, which can capture the electronic communications of a town, can be purchased in a ‘grey market’ where regulations are ignored or bypassed. Mass surveillance equipment can then be sold onto authoritarian governments, criminals or even terrorists.

During a four-month undercover operation, an industry insider working for Al Jazeera filmed the negotiation of several illegal, multi-million dollar deals that breach international sanctions. The proposed deals include the supply of highly restricted surveillance equipment to Iran. The undercover operative also secured an extraordinary agreement to purchase powerful spyware with a company who said they didn’t care who was the end-user.

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  1. Just a thought. ….

    Mankind is living in a time of : lost trust, ,

    People have lost trust on their governments. …on their own selves. ..on their bank accounts. …on their relegions. ..
    on their history. …on their families ties. …on even on their GOD !!!

    We are all living at a time of hypocrisy, all lies …A total world of chaos !!!!🦅🦅🤡👽

    May Allah help us all ….One more last remark : NEVER GIVE UP HOPE .

    YAHYA BELUSHI 🦅🦅🇴🇲🇴🇲

  2. manufacturing news to show Iran in bad light..How about export to USA? of course not because they have it and why is it wrong for Iran to have it? And for the Europeans countries that use it? and why its never abused because they are so morally upright as Turkey that they can't misuse..USA again with their NSA are allowed to use it!

  3. Driving on the wrong side of the road is what's scary about Hong Kong and all lands where the English have left their tracks.. Sure glad the US and Canada did not follow suit.

  4. Phones started out as a leash for your employers. Then they converged to
    be cameras, microphones, location devices, computers and a marketing
    tool. If they can be exploited by humans they will be. Everything you
    do online is recorded. Do you trust the cloud?
    Crucial systems need alternatives to continue operations if sabotaged and records need to be backed up. Also if data is transferred through the air it's sad to say
    you are surrendering your privacy. One more thing, Governments should be totally transparent, corporations financially transparent and people have total privacy.
    I feel it's a fact of life privacy is becoming a rare luxury.

  5. LOOOOL.
    I wanna see transparency in this very dark market.
    It's the "black market" for a reason. And guess what. I want the government to do it first. Be transparent.
    But that will never happen. So, the black market will remain as it is.

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