Al Jazeera World – Bosnia 1992: The Omarska Camp


Twenty-five years on, survivors of the Omarska concentration camp tell chilling personal stories of their incarceration and shocking treatment at the start of the Bosnian War.

By 1992, the Yugoslav Federation was disintegrating. Slovenia and Croatia had already broken away, sparking a conflict with Serbia. Further violence then broke out in Bosnia-Herzegovina which had also declared independence.

The Serbs there wanted to remain within Yugoslavia and build a greater Serbia – and received backing from extremists in Belgrade. Bosnian Muslims, known as Bosniaks, were driven from their homes in what soon became known as ‘ethnic cleansing’.

The first outbreaks were in northern Bosnia-Herzegovina in and around the municipality of Prijedor, where Bosnian Serb military and police unlawfully segregated, detained and confined several thousand of Bosniaks and Bosnian Croats.

Over four thousand people were killed between May and August 1992. While Serb forces set up hundreds of concentration camps throughout Bosnia-Herzegovina, Omarska was the most notorious and where a relatively few survived.

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  1. It's truly gut-wrenching to read about & hear the horrors that these people went through & how many people died and suffered through torture, extreme suffering & genocide. No one really knows unless they went through it themselves. How horrifying that entire families were lost & traumatised. No one knows the trauma unless they have been through it or have family members who are suffering to this day. I wish the best for the victims & pray.
    Its scary that such horrors happened just 2 decades ago in the Balkans. I hope such horror never returns to our region

  2. Once again we view the 'Western' side of the story i.e. the Bosnian side.. The Bosnians are NOT innocent, and did the same, if not worse to the Serbs! Thankfully, most people with half a brain now know this..

  3. Honestly i don't know what this video is going to bring when nationalism is awakening, this will bring nationalist cheering for killings of a muslim population in Yugoslavia and Muslims getting even more mad for kilings. We didn't forget what happened there i think you should leave it new generations are doing their best to make Peace…Worry about EU and what will happen if nationalism don't stop growing i mean look at France nationalism is skyrocketing in other countries slowly growing and if economy collapse in moust EU contries, this is the future of the muslim comunities in eu…This humanity stuf thos not mater for people who dont have jobs.I hoppe for the best. Peac to BiH Croats and Albans 🙂 from Serbian guy

  4. The same crimes and genocides are happening now in Syria by the criminal Assad in the Syrian people, there must be an urgent military intervention to stop this monstre and his criminal soldiers. And I salute the journalist Ed Vulliamy for mentioning the criminal Assad at the end of this documentary .

  5. There is no need to insult whole nations in the comment section. Although Bosniak civilians (and to a lesser extent Croat civilians) were the biggest victims in terms of their numbers, there were also plenty of Serb civilian victims. Let's call out the criminals who murdered innocent civilians, be they Bosniak, Croat or Serb. And let's not forget that once when a mother or a father loses a child, they all have grief, regardless of their ethnicity or religion.

  6. I feel bad for the Bosnians.
    They suffered the biggest genocide in European history since WWII, but unlike the fake guilt the world has shown upon Jewish people, no one has cared about what happened in Bosnia. Humanity is a lie.

  7. Those Serbs are animals and fascists! Gretting from Russia to Slav brothers in Bosnia and Croatia! Эти собаки за всё ответят!

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