Al Jazeera World – Dalit Muslims of India


In a bid to escape poverty and caste discrimination, some Hindu Dalits are converting to Islam and other faiths.



  1. Ufff I didn't expect the international news channel is hold so cheap nasty journalism without holding any research r ground work. giving such a selective venom spill documentary. its spell their ethicless dirty intention journalism. Either the journalist quoted the reality figures r ground facts. It seems he made it for religicious n convertion propoganda. maybe he can set the name as religious conversions in India.

  2. old vedic culture there is no caste system, reg-veda 10 mandal added by tampering, 4000 years back, 10 mandal mention caste system, once Hindu _arya religion in Europe and Asia, caste system poison the Hinduism, name Hindu come Zend-Avesta language sindu river as Hindu in Zend-Avesta, septha sindu as heptha Hindu in Zend-Avesta language,as mentioned old mythology.

  3. old Arab, Persian language are near to Sanskrit, Zend-Avesta, Aramaic… old vedic culturethere no caste , 4000 years back reg-veda 10 mandal added by tampering, slowly poison the aryan_hindu society, once Europe,asia Hindu-arya religion, old mythology Persian king zexus (son of Darius) crushed Hinduism , follow ajeevika religion, old gods Al-lat, Al-lat, amanat related to Allah, as lalitha pure soul, manasa , Jehovah related to siva in old vedic mythology.

  4. Final state of men is MOKSHA means by keeping the mind peaceful, by conquering all bads evils and bad evil thoughts, by self purification, on complete purification eligible to reach God, Buddha added nirvana means complete knowledge and eternal perfect purification, Buddha arya marga teaches about self purification, Lord Vishnu 9 avatar is Buddha, 10 avatar is KALKI is destroyer of ceython, Vishnu punisher of Evils, vedas says God for all.

  5. BRAVO INDIA !!!! Protect your own culture , and protect your own religion !!!! Sand away from your county all that people who don't like to live in your culture !!! Tell them my words : Mahomed come to mountains, not the mountains come to Mahomed !!! ( if Mahomed come to the mountains, he must follow the mountains culture, tradition and religion, otherwise he's holiday visa should expire !!!!

  6. As an Indian, they are allowed to change their surname (which changes their caste as well) just like they change religion. The only reason they dont do it is in the fear of losing govt. quotas for job and education. They are changing religion so that they still get a minority quota benefits.
    Reservation system is a curse.

  7. Believing in superior beings is primitive, there's no god or gods, no prophets, no nothing; it's all here and now and when we die that's it, there's nothing else beyond

  8. Poor people, does not matter what religion they have, I just feel like its a backwards society, the whole system is a cage, people basically have a limit what they can achieve… an artificial limit imposed by society and government.

    The only way to partially escape this is to change a religion, but even then people see who you are and where u come from, its not easy. Maybe their children will do better.

    I learned a lot how backwards Indian society is, in many ways it is so spiritual, but at the same time, in modern times Dalit as a case should not exist, people should have same opportunities regardless of where they are born.

  9. Don't know Hindu faith.
    Vedas and gita bans casteism and discrimination .
    Don't believe caste system is not part of hinduism.
    Valmiki a shudra later brahmin.
    Vishnu avatar(right before ram) a brahmin became kshatrya.
    All jazeera fake, anti India. anti Hindu

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