Al Jazeera World – Jerusalem: Hitting Home


In East Jerusalem Palestinians whose homes are declared illegal by Israel are being forced to demolish their own homes.



  1. Nowhere in the world can u build illegually you cant in england the state would demolish it but the families should be helped to find alternative accomodation not left homeless there is wrong on both sides.the palestinians are entitled to alternative accomodation why cant they be found some where else to live.that would be the descent thing to do

  2. -alefstein1, The claim that AJ is a "Qatari terror organization" is a big one. You have any proof of this? Secondly This had not so much whether Israel should have the right to build where it in does and enforce permits where it does (Although that's at the root of many a problem) but that those permits by their nature are stacked up against Palestinians. This is just one of many examples that the Israeli system is stacked up against Palestinians.

  3. Another drama from the Qatari terror organization AJ. nicely done, the sad music, the blows of the hammer. amazing.

    Israel is a sovereign country and like all sovereign countries we have rules for building new houses….

    you got to have a permit.
    you got to have designs and drawings from an architect.
    you got to follow city regulations for building – in Jerusalem you cant build higher than a certain height, you must build with "white Jerusalem stone".
    you got to connect legally to utilities – Electricity, Sewage and water systems.
    you got to pay your city bills.

    this sums up the AJ drama — 43:21 there werent many cases before, that's why you didn't hear about it ………..

    Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. never to be given to anyone.

  4. And people believed the Zionists were seeking a two state solution. Well until Bibi the dictator tyrant just came out as saying he plainly would never accept that. Palestinians need to further increase their population and forcibly take their land back and force the jews to live under the same conditions the Palestinians are being forced to endure under an illegal military occupation until the jews cry uncle.

  5. more propaganda paid by Qatar oil dictators in the form of al Jazeera..
    it should be clear that the same laws that apply to arabs apply to jews, building structures with no permissions is illegal in every modern nation in existence
    I challenge u to build a house in the middle of London with no permits and see what happens    

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