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In 1947 when the UN General Assembly voted for the partition of the region between Jews and Palestinian Arabs the land was divided on a relatively equal measure.

But after the 1948 Arab-Israeli War only 22 percent of Palestinian land remained. When Israel was founded in 1948 it divided Palestinians between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, creating separate territories with very little freedom of movement between the two.

In the Six-Day War of 1967, Israel occupied both territories, began building settlements and appeared to implement separate policies on each.

“The aim has always been to create different atmospheres and cultures; here and there,” says Dr. Nashat al-Aqtash, a political analyst and academic.

The decades of separation have distanced the Palestinian communities living in the two territories who have developed distinct social and cultural identities.

None of the conflicts or peace talks over the decades, including the Oslo Accords of 1993, has succeeded in changing the map or this divide.

Filmmaker Asraf Mashhrawi examines the political, social and economic history of the split, analysing major events such as the Oslo Accords, the Fatah-Hamas conflict, the Israeli blockade of Gaza and the attacks of recent years – with interviews from Israeli experts like Haaretz journalist Amira Hass and lawyer Sari Bashi.



  1. What astounds me is where is all the Arab oil rich countries accountability in all of this, the least they can do is assimilate their peoples. Israel absorbed its people fleeing persecution and certain death from Muslim Arab countries leaving their property, buisness of communities 1000,s of years old. Please practice Muslim charity and look after your own people.why doesn't Lebanon , Syria , Jordan , Egypt , Saudi Arabia, etc take in the Palestinian refugee and make them citizens.

  2. I love how they leave out the fact that the Arab leaders refused the land for the 'palestinian' arabs and 5 Arab armies attacked israel. Arabs lost, jews won, but Arabs expect to have this land anyway. BTW Jordan was also part of "the brittish mandate of palestine" and is 70% of the land mass, mostly 'palestinian' arabs live there, jews were ethnically cleaned.

  3. Palestinians definitely should have accepted the original plan, they had their own state, no one owned Jerusalem it was perfect. They made things much worse for themselves by attacking first but Israel should have restored the original plan afterward still. They don't have to like the country of Israel just accept it, they could have become friends and Israel could have brought them a lot of progress. The Jews there were refugees of the holocaust that understandably didnt want to go back to Europe or the US either because the Nazis made them think all non-Jews hate them and there was a lot of persecution of Jews in western countries always was always will be it's reasonable for them to want their own country where they can live without persecution. Or maybe Jews should have been given their own country out of part of Germany but Germany isnt the Jewish place of origin and it's where the holocaust happened and it would probably inspire continuing anti-semitism by Germans but it would have been a much better situation than in Palestine. Germany lost tons of territory to Poland and Russia and France after the war, some could be given to Jews as reparations for the holocaust.

  4. The land NOT always known as 'palestine.'
    palestine was a word the Romans used to insult Israel some 2,000 years ago.
    Today, the same and is known as it has ALWAYS been known as Israel.

  5. The "Palestinians" leadership have rejected every opportunity for statehood since the British Mandate times. The people suffer because of the PA's stubborn, all-or-most-or-nothing policy coupled with a Judenrein vision of the biblical-historical land of Israel.

  6. Stupidity!!! There was no PALESTINE in the 19th century. Also it was the Romans who introduced that name in a region that was called Judea and Israel.

  7. 35:25 – "In August 2005, Israel withdrew unilaterally from the Gaza Strip, this signified an abandonment of both the peace process and any notion of a future Palestinian state." Say what??! I guess Al Jazeera English isn't that different from Al Jazeera Arabic after all…

  8. Also! What dude produced is not "a document" or "the document" but a photocopy. I don't know about such things to the crack journalists at Al Jazeera but ain't no govt agency in the world gonna accept anything but an original or a notarized copy.

  9. always known as Palestine? Really? You see when you well meaning morons make such outlandish statements that are demonstrably untrue in the first seconds, you lose all credibility and sympathy.

  10. 67 years they built nothing and educated their descendants to kill and hate.  67 years of nothing – 24,455days – of nothing useful for the pals, they should ask themselves y does they r such stupid or y they cut any hand that is reached for peace or help. UN and Israel give them food an supplies, so they can focus on killing and not living. stupid people.

  11. The Zionists initially wanted to create a "Jewish home" (not a Jewish state) and live together with the Arabs in a binational state. That could have been easily achieved if the Arabs in Palestine hadn`t rioted against the Jews and constantly attacked their communities. That`s what made the Jews say "Fuck you, we want our own state now". Next time don`t start killing desperate refugees and maybe they won`t have to stand up and knock you down on your ass.

  12. the same old uneducated bullshit from Al Jazeera. 3:56 "Palestine has always been one country".
    BULLSHIT. What the 'Palestinians" refer to as Palestine and what this video shows as Palestine is a NEW country. In the British mandate it included Jordan, in Ottoman times it included parts of Syria and in the JEWISH kingdoms' time it also included parts of Jordan and Syria. The "Palestinians" borders of Palestine are defines as the borders of Israel – and as the size of Israel changes so is the "Paletinans'" definition of "their" country changes.
    When Jordan conquered the west bank, east Jerusalem and Egypt conquered the Gaza strip from 1948-1967, "Palestine", how not suprisingly, ceased to include the west bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza because these territories were not under Israel's control but under Arab countries' control. and "Palestine" then included only Israel in the "green line" borders.

    Hundreds of thousands of Syrians,Libyans,Iraqis,Yemenis dying and it's always Palestine,Palestine,Palestine.
    Go to hell Fakestinian terrorists jihadis!

  14. a wall of lies deception and manipulation by al Jazeera
    0:30 we start with a distorted image of gaza as if it is one huge city.
    the gaza strip is not big, but there are also tons of open areas in it, but don't take my word for it.. just go to google maps and search for gaza stripe yourself.
    0:47 read the sign! why do u think it is there?
    0:58 the land was not 'always known as 'Palestine'
    have u ever asked yourself where did the name Palestine came from?
    its a word from Hebrew! and the arabs who call themselves 'Palestinian' don't even know it.
    there is no 'P' in Arabic.
    the land was called Palestine by the Roman empire after they exiled the jews from the place with the aim to break their spirit.
    they called it Palestine after an ancient long gone enemy of the Israelite people, the 'Philistines'
    the jews of the time called them by that name since in Hebrew 'Philistines' is the word for 'invader'

    the arabs living in Israel in a place called Judea and Samaria which is also the west bank of the Jordan river 
    these arabs refer to themselves by the Hebrew word for 'invaders' and never stop screaming about ethnically cleansing Israel from Jews 

    this is not a conflict about borders, anyone that knows anything about the history of this conflict knows it is about the arab refusal to live along side the jews 

    1:15 the u.n partition plan was accepted by Israel with open arms!!
    it was the arabs who went to war at 47-48, go learn some history
    8 arab armies marched onto Israel with the declared goal of slaughtering all the jews in it, they lost and cry about it to this day, still screaming about slaughtering us.

    1:23 (only 22% yada yada) false again, the land of Jordan was also designated to be a part of the palestinian mandate, go ask the king what happened with that plan, go read about 'black September'

    1:32 the six days war was also a result of arab aggression, arab armies massed on Israel's borders all around, the arab leaders calling over and over again for the destruction of Israel, they lost another war, and started crying again.

    1:52 I can imagine the photographer asking them to take pictures behind the steal gate,
    'yes get closer to it, try to look beyond it, lean against it hold it with your hands, perfect! well done thank you'
    you do realize the photographer is on the other end of the gate do u?
    this is an unmanned position.. they can go to the other side at any time.
    but this photo op is aimed at manipulating the viewers

    1:58 good morning everyone, gaza is a hostile entitiy to Israel controlled by hamas terror organization that uses its own people as human shields and have rockets fired from populated areas in gaza onto Israeli cites.
    Israel cannot allow gazans free access into Israel, that would be suicidal, so they can choose, west bank, or gaza.

    holy shit, we are barely 3 minutes into this report and look at the amount of lies and manipulation I can detect by al Jazeera.
    from now on I will skip a few to give more room to the more severe ones

    2:57 he does not say 'Israeli permit' he says 'jewish permit'
    'yahod' ='jew' in Arabic

    3:52 'Palestine has always been one territory' a deep and easily trusted voice says..
    go read some history, this cant be farther away from the truth, in fact there was never a state called Palestine.
    im not even sure how to start explaining how big of a lie this is, just go and read history yourselves..

    4:54 again… he does not say 'Israelis' he says 'the jews'
    'yahod' ='jew' in Arabic
    and agin let me remind al Jazeera… * it was the arabs who refused the partition plan*
    it was the arabs who went to war

    the map again.. 'forgets' about Jordan, it was designed to be the palestinian state.

    5:30 al Jazeera again forgets to mention that the 67 war was a result of arab aggression.
    now they just repeat the same lies and manipulations over and over again.

    5:50 he 'forgets' to mention that the 'west bank' is historically known as 'Judea and Samaria'

    I think I will continue this in a later date,
    more edits to this comment will probably come in a day or two

  15. تكفون والله أنا خايف ، بتذبحوني أو بتسجنوني تكفون لاتسوون لي ولأهلي شيء والله إحنا مساكين خلونا نعيش ، منصور أخوي تكفون طلعوه والله نحتاجه ، الولد مسكين أبغى أكلمه بس مو متحمل أعيش همه يكفيني هموم ، وإذا تبوننا نهاجر ونروح أي بلد بس خبرونا وإحنا نروح بس نحصل أمان وحياة كريمة . بكرة عندي موعد الله يعيني على السهام إلي تنرمي علي من كل صوب توكلنا على الله .

  16. "Always known as Palestine?"  Really?  It was named Palestine by the Romans.  It was first called JUDEA – the land of the JEWS.  If you are going to call Judea "Palestine" now, you should also call Jerusalem  "Aelia Capitolina" which was the name given to Jerusalem when the name "Palestine" was given to Judea.

    The bottom line is that Jews and Arabs are really brothers.  The fact that European powers and Islam made up an issue to divide and control them, and that gullible Arabs and Jews believe them is just PATHETIC !!!

    There should be one State.  It should have equal identity for Arabs and Jews.  It will be that way or there will continue to be war.  Let the Israelis and Palestinians choose for themselves whether they want to live in peace and prosperity under a common flag or perish as sadly misguided enemies.

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