Al Jazeera World – Return to Arms: Hadaka


There are large Kurdish communities in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and parts of Iran. Many among them aspire to an independent Kurdish state. But while the Turkish, Syrian and Iraqi Kurds are often in the news, much less is known about Iran’s seven million or so Kurds.

“Return To Arms: Hadaka” is a rare and exclusive insight into an Iranian Kurdish political party in exile in northern Iraq which has recently renewed its military activity. In this film, Aljazeera Arabic correspondent Salam Hindawi gains access to the little-known but long-established Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan – or Hadaka, to use its Kurdish name.

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  1. ما ايراني ها هم از رژيم ايران بدمان مياد .ولي حاضر نميشيم اجازه بديم كردستان ايران جدا بشه تا اخر ميجنگيم

  2. oh so they want to send the kurds against iran instead of turkey. but this will separate the kurds. who ll be just sacrificed for us/Wahabi/turkish interest. arming caspian minorities against russia and china. this is not the documentary, but the propaganda (lens filters, e.t.c.). interesting also that neither öcalan nor PKK are ever mentioned

  3. I'm against arm but.. Any regime or oppressive government cannot hold its people from freedom and enjoying their rights.. People are raising arms for their future to be bright and prosperous. May Allah guide us on true path..

  4. my qus. what human being need or want land(gain by war) or basic needs home, food, education,job,health????? arabs are totally fools but saddam and guddafi was smart man…..

  5. In a very near future the Great Kurdistan(four parts) will become independent and it will teach not only to backward middle eastern countries but the to entire world how one can build a fair society.

  6. Freedom for Kurds is American policy and going on stronger…the training looks very much like the American proxies present throughout the region….sadly these militias have no resources to take on the Iranian regime,they will remain a party in exile for the rest of their lives

  7. iran is a terrorist country tht destabalize several countries in middle easy and south asia .. evil gypsy people these goat people, the iranian peopel are wicked and brainwashed they dont know how evil theri regime and military is , evil is a small word ,they are fed lies all day fr several years on tv .

  8. Kurds are leeches who will take whatever side whoever promises them the most. Search for "Kurds escalators" where they walk up the wrong side of the escalator but they want their own country?

  9. Is there no way to achieve your goals without violence? I don't understand, is a few mountains of sand, worth your lives. why not just have a smaller province and call it your country without going through the violence. A modest and achievable goal is what you need not war. Talk with respect to your enemies and gain respect. Negotiate a deal that is fair. 1 million is not 30 million, you should have the appropriate amount to both. 1 million people is not enough to justify a state the size of the moon.

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