Al Jazeera’s coverage of Europe’s refugee crisis


“It is a painful situation. To see this much suffering happening now, it is very hard to believe. All we can try to do as journalists is to bear witness.”

We look back at Al Jazeera English’s coverage of the ongoing refugee crisis and catch up with correspondent Mohammed Jamjoom, who has been following the flow of refugees across Europe.


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  1. Saudi Arabia has a vacant city with 100,000 air conditioned tent apartments that can accommodate 3 million people. The apartments have running water, AC, bathrooms, and a kitchen. This city stays vacant the whole year except for one week, when muslims go to Mecca on a pilgrimage. Al Jazeera needs to go film this city and ask SA why the refugees can't stay there. Google "Saudi tent city" if you want to see pictures.

  2. This is a sad situation for true Syrian refugees; but also for Europe. Essentially I believe that ISIS will take complete control of Europe very soon.  More and more ISIS fighters will enter Europe, along with their weapons unchecked, under the Trojan cover of the suffering Syrians.   The fate of Europe will be determined within the next few weeks and months.  All those big bad boats, fighter planes, tanks, bombs, nuclear weapons will prove no match for ISIS.  I hope that I am wrong.  Unless this mayhem is brought under control soon, a collapse of Europe will lead to a global collapse.  And what many times happens when nations, and regions, and peoples collapse?   This has all happened before.  It creates a situation where evil people can easily rise to the occasion and take control.  I truly hope that good people of power, influence, intelligence, compassion, and courage, will come to the rescue of both the Syrians as well as Europeans.

  3. The twiter comment is realy heartbreaking, but there are actually lots and lots of volunteers from all European countries trying to help the refugees. Let's try this one. If the world was filled with people like these young men, throwing stones, bricks and metal bars at the authorities protecting the border from illegal entry, imagine what could be achieved. According to Al Jazeera, there are 2.5 million Syrians in Saudi Arabia, that fled the war. How many are in Quatar? Show us some fotage how things are handled over there by the authorities so Europeans can learn. If you have disrespectful people that refuse to register, get fingerprinted etc. comming to your country illegaly, you just close the border. Nothing wrong with that, quite the contrary.

  4. just shutup aljzeera(muslimchannel)…if you are so much bothering about ur muslim brother then tell ur saudi arabia and ur gulf countries to take refugees instead of barking on Europe…..or accomodate some refugees in ur headquarter or shut ur mouth…double-standard channel

  5. Al Jazeera and its journalists – like most of the main stream media – with their highly sympathetic unrealistic reporting of the migrant issue are complicite in encouraging more and more migrants to leave the safety and security of refugee camps in jordan and turkey to endanger their and often their childrens life on the ocean -+ shame on the journalists and media. Every migrant the journalists interview confirm the same thing – they are economic migrants trying to reach the country of their choice as otherwise they would have stayed in the safety of regugee camps in jordan or turkey or applied for asylum in the first european country they reach, as is required by law. Why dont the journalist try a few objective questions on the issues above, or ask why they think they have a right to choose which eu country they are going to live off benefits in or how they intend to financially support themselves or what givees them the right to arrive in europe and break our laws or curse hungary for merely upholding those laws or why are the young fit men not fighting for their country, family and people in syria or…

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