Al Jazeera’s Greste urges Egypt to free colleagues


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Al Jazeera journalist Peter Greste has in his first interview since being freed from an Egypt jail after 400 days in captivity, called on the Egyptian authorities to release two of his colleagues still being held.

“Amidst all this relief, I still feel a sense of concern and worry. If it’s appropriate for me to be free, its right for all of them to be freed,” he insisted.

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  1. They should do a story on college students causing people to snap,just like sandy hook he was most likely a pedophile , communities use children on pedo they use every one ,cops restaurants etc, they make them believe that they're reading minds , putting stuff in his food ,in Colorado theater he was in to underage girls , that's why they did that to him, Sergio moises was watching boyscout porn or something like that,that's why he attacked a boy scout then Carmen Reyes murder him, joventino bermudez killed a college football player ,no mental illness no drugs he just killed him, maybe these college students are spying on porn habits because I know for a fact if you watch teen category they'll put a 17yr old to try to entrap you , and these kids that sell there bodies get nice gifts even college degrees like pearl Hsu , they use immigrants and their children they give them citizenship college education, and they use them at there jobs like Martha Sanchez she was killed is this the amnesty , if the government ain't involve why hasn't the government stop these murderers !

  2. any journalist who's working with this terrorist channel should be arrested. It's kinda funny how this international laws supports the people who supports terrorists. Then they bomb terrorists and civilians breaking the international laws again!! what a shitty life.

  3. It is wonderful to see you free! Hope Egypt will release your friends and all those innocent people.

    Why I cannot watch most of Al Jazeera's videos? It says, "Not available in your country." I'm in the United States and everything here is available on internet, either beheading or porn. I subscribed to your channel because I thought I could watch everything… 

  4. that's the reason media never cover's and criticize from the real dark places like China, Russia, Africa, Saudi Arabia, etc.
    it is much easier to sit in a nice hotel in a western country where freedom of speech is given for granted, and speak about horrible and undemocratic the west is
    I wish him a speedy recovery


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