Alps Plane Crash: Sky News Special Report


A German passenger plane carrying 150 people has “disintegrated” after crashing in the French Alps, with all those on board thought to have been killed. Read more:



  1. one giant hoax being perpetrated by major news agency to once again deceive the people.. for what reason, who knows.. but it was a fake phoney show.

  2. It is being confirmed that the co pilot purposely crashed the plane. Very sad. And I think. Totally unjust and awful for those lovely people who were trying to do the normal thing. Tomorrow. It will be 38 years since the Tenerife crash. Then. As with other views on crashes. It was 'human' error. After the Alps crash. It would seem that investigators are overriding taboo. And getting to the point!

  3. Not a Fire ball upon Crashing point… when was the fuel dumped? (Not enough time for all the fuel to leave the aircraft)!  Obliterated into hundred of pieces… either before impact, or at the point of impact? No Mayday Call! What Then; Pilot have heart attack?or were they under terrorist command? Suicide? Bomb devise to ignite damage to aircraft…One can speculate till the cows go home. The only thing I can really add is that there is more than what meets the eye!! We will soon know what the Black Box Recordings has to say…….So fasten your seat belts.
    All Children's souls enter heaven, and all those that were committed to God!  No more suffering! Give a prayer up to God for the Lost!

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