America’s News HQ Headquarters 6/4/2017 12PM ET Sunday | Fox News Today June 4,2017


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Full Show: America’s News HQ Headquarters 12PM ET 6/4/2017 Sunday | Fox News Today June 4,2017
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  1. Deja vu?? Enough is enough? Is it too late?? Now everyone is coming up with their respective theories? Over & over… Nigel Farage has said concrete action is needed! (Not just speeches & words…) Meanwhile, Dems continue to heap their hatred at President Trump as he devises ways to protect everyone – including those who hate him and are desperately trying to bring him down & thwart the people's will!!! Incredible snowflake insanity!! What's driving them?

  2. The Libtard idiots that refuse to even say Radical Muslim Terrorists are just now beginning to realize that President Trump was RIGHT all along!!! You are doing a great job President Trump, never allow these Radical Muslim Murderers to come into America without a good fight! They are murdering scumbags, nothing more, what kind of evil scum targets 12 year old kids at a concert for teenage kids!!!! The only good Radical Muslim Terrorist is a dead Radical Muslim Terrorist!!!!

  3. The Democrats and those Liberal Judges are Hindering our Ability to Vet the Current Group of Muslims in our country and to Put a Halt to Any More coming Into the Country from Terrorist Prone Countries, "Until we can Figure Out What the Hell Is Going On"…If they Keep It Up, there Will Be More Attacks and the Blood will Be On Their Hands…Give Up on these Idiotic Investigations into Russia, which they STILL Have No Evidence Of Collusion, and Get On Board WITH Our President, and Take Care of Governing this Country…If the Liberal Lefties want the United States to Look Like Iraq and Syria, with the Bombed Out Buildings and Terrorists Around Every Corner Shooting at Any Thing that Moves, Keep Sitting on your Hands and Protesting Every Thing that Our President Does…Keep in Mind, the Radical Jihadi's Have Terrorist Training Camps in just about Every State in this Country, and we need to Go In and Wipe Them OUT BEFORE they are Able to Perpetrate ANY Attacks Against the American People and Our Way Of Life…Get Over your Being So Butt-Hurt, or DIE.!!!

  4. So is the MSM attacking, criticizing PM Teresa May for saying THE EXACT THINGS that Trump has been saying for years? And she even said the word 'religion.'

  5. Tough talk by May sure but 2 things come to mind. She has been homeland sec for 6 years and there is an election. Like the US you must turn around to see the other choice, Corbyn. What is a person to do??

  6. Yes the liberal performers who want to embrace terrorists who align closer to republican than democrats is almost as ironic as how many of the american performers have new album releases to promote.

  7. And Ariana Grande, Justin Beiber, Katy Perry giving a 'benefit' concert today…all Islamist sympathizers & pro-Sharia. Providing them with yet another stadium full of soft targets, only ganging up to bring in MORE soft targets. Maybe the bomb will accidentally go off backstage this time…

  8. Well, this certainly does distract from the fact that Bilderberg Group is holding their 65th annual meeting at this moment, all weekend, at a Marriott in Virginia, USA. They are the ones who orchestrate and choreograph all this in the first place.

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