America’s News HQ Headquarters 6/4/2017 5PM ET Sunday | Fox News Today June 4,2017


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Full Show: America’s News HQ Headquarters 6/4/2017 5PM ET Sunday | Fox News Today June 4,2017
Genre: News
Summary: Analysis of the day’s news, The latest news that matters to you live from ‘America’s News HQ’.



  1. Nothing to learn with you. Invinting biased guests is not helpful. Muslim, Catholics and other religious groups in UK are not promoting violence. What promotes violence is poverty, xenophobia and exhaltation of the strenght of Radical foreign organizations.

  2. The old saying: Birds of a feather flop together. This is same as radical Islamist & Non-Valiant Muslims… both from the same mold. No such thing as Moderate Muslims.

  3. all you Brits/the US, haven't a
    clue! The Core teachings of Islam is: to Love Death. And the only way
    to Islamic Heaven is to kill for Allah!…all Infidels. Once you get
    your 'empty' head wrapped around this truth, and how the Quran
    demands Muslims obey Mohammad, your going to remain stupid, and
    misinformed. Freedom Loving People must: Purge all Mosques and insist
    Muslims reform/clean up their Quran, Allah's Bible. This is
    a good start in the right direction…but not a solution. There will
    always be Muslims and Madness.

  4. Fuck that!!!

    It's when 'there is no imminent threat'..or 'specific credible threat'..that people are suddenly attacked…
    And the last thing many of them hear is 'alla hu akbar'.

    If you know that a bucket of apples has one indiscernible poisonous apple, you should not bring that bucket home to your family.

    Unless, of course, something is very wrong with your grand parents, your parents and you.

    Only extremely and extensively vetted Muslims..or no Muslims..should be allowed to remain in Civilized nations.

    End of story. 

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