America’s News HQ Headquarters 6/7/2017 | Fox News Today June 7,2017 Wednesday


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Full Show: America’s News HQ Headquarters 6/7/2017 | Fox News Today June 7,2017 Wednesday
Genre: News
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  1. Judgment Day: Can these judges that block President Trumps’ executive order to keep immigrants from entering this country be indicted as accessory to murder if terrorist comes in among those refugees and murders innocent Americans?

  2. I would not trust a Damned Thing that Comey Says, He's Been Shamed in the eyes of the American Citizens for the Way He Handled the Clinton E-Mail Investigation by Not Prosecuting her for Espionage…He Has Zero Integrity and will Lie to Get Back at the President for Rightfully Firing his Useless Butt…He is Fully In Line with the Traitorous Democrats in Trying to Take President Trump Down, with No Evidence of Wrong-Doing…Lock his Lying Ass Up.!!!

  3. WOW, that woman is a liar!!! You sure can see who the libs are within the first minute once their lips start to move!!! I will tell those Demon-crats if they want a Russia connection, go investigate Obama and Hillary!!!! Then they will have something to run their mouths about!!! Wait!!! Hillary lied to the FBI, so why is her skank butt not in jail???? Awww there were terror attacks in Iran, that breaks my freaking heart. And of course its all our fault. Give your buddy Obama a call, maybe he gives a crap!!!

  4. James Comey not only wants to mock the law (how he handled Clinton investigation) but also wants to become celebrity. I hope after the hearing, he will be put into account for bringing disrepute to the integrity of hard working men and women in FBI.

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