America’s Newsroom 6/5/2017 9AM ET | Fox News Today June 5,2017 Monday


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Full Show: America’s Newsroom 6/5/2017 9AM ET | Fox News Today June 5,2017 Monday
Genre: Talk, News
Premise: Co-anchored by Shannon Bream and Bill Hemmer, this weekday news show covers stories making headlines around the nation and the world. Guests pertinent to the news topics are interviewed and viewer emails are also answered by the anchors and guests.



  1. Theresa May will do nothing, which is more than Corbyn will do. They think it is worth sacrificing citizens for the sake of community cohesian for this Islamic Cult in the UK who hate everybody but themselves.

  2. To Prime Minister Teresa May, so sad to watch on what's happening to UK YOU HAVE TO BE MORE TOUGHER TO PROTECT YOUR CITIZENS NOT JUST BY TALKING . Not all Muslim in your country are bad but look first your own people . Seems what Pres. Trump is doing is right ' America First ' no matter how nasty that president said as what the opponent see but in him he wants to protect his fellow citizen even his enemies from fake media ,trash celebrities & many others.

  3. Let the SJW's fight the terrorist. After all, this is what they wanted when you consider how much they lobbied for the immigration of refugees.

  4. the muslims say they ARE reporting them and the corrupt mosques and the government does nothing. Too busy building private malls for the eu employees and palaces for globalists – socialism is sadly a race to the bottom.

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