America’s Newsroom 6/8/2017 9AM ET | Fox News Today June 8,2017 Thursday


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Full Show: America’s Newsroom 6/8/2017 9AM ET | Fox News Today June 8,2017 Thursday
Genre: Talk, News
Premise: Co-anchored by Shannon Bream and Bill Hemmer, this weekday news show covers stories making headlines around the nation and the world. Guests pertinent to the news topics are interviewed and viewer emails are also answered by the anchors and guests.



  1. it was very concerning having Comey decide in July whether or not Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted. we. the American people knew Comey was a puppet and a fake. we knew he had to be fired. nothing was ever investigated. the liberals Dems, the unethical, just want to demean our President. we know that. this is not about Comey being fired. he was not indispensable. it's just the schumer's,pelosi'swaters,Warren. all of the scum.

  2. this is such a waste. I cannot believe it. I am 77 years old and have never witnessed with such disgust what this Congress is doing to the best President we have had since Kennedy. the liberals reporters and/or commentators already sound as tho they have a RAT in the trap. where is Lou Dobbs, Hannity, etc. Dems didn't want them.

  3. Congress, I am appalled that our focus is on Comey being fired. this all started when Comey decided the fate of Hillary Clinton in July. that is when the American people realized we had a traitor acting as our director. not one investigation has come to fruition. all of us were sick of him. and now our President is being held accountable. how dare you. the Dems squawk and Congress jumps. I am disgusted with our government. it is being ruled by the majority of untrustworthy people. this is true, otherwise more of you would have spoken up about this Comey atrocities

  4. you have the audacity to even put President Trump in the arena as Comey. Comey is a fake , didn't follow thru with one investigation, and needed to be fired. this Russia thing is a complete joke conjured up by the Democrats to divert attention from their inadequatcy. I can't believe this. is where the focus is with all the terror we the people are feeling. Comey should have thought of his legacy before he tried hooked up with the Clintons. that's what started all this, we all new this was s Bull shitter.

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