Angela Merkel on course for fourth term as Germany’s chancellor


Exit polls in Germany’s elections put Angela Merkel and her party on course for a fourth term in office.
However, Merkel lost electoral support and that helped deliver the best result for a far-right party in decades. In her victory speech, Merkel vowed to win back votes from the far-right AfD, which finished third.

Al Jazeera’s Nadim Baba reports from Berlin.

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  1. Good to see that Germans are now waking up and taking back their country. Remember that immigration is a left wing Marxist ploy to change the ideological and demographic composition of a country. Marxists do not want freedom or democracy. The sole objective of Marxist is the autocracy of the left. Left wing marxist regime have been the most barbaric and brutal in all of human history. Far far more than Fascism. In the last century alone, Marxists regimes have killed more than 120 million people and destroyed the lives of millions more….

    Racists crying like little children! I didn't vote for Merkel but she is the second best option atm.
    Congratulations Frau Merkel! You are now one of the most successfull Chancellors in German history!

  3. Merkel, the evil witch, got punished by the voters for her insane immigration policies and opening the floodgates to 2 million Muslimes. There will no longer be business as usual with the new parliament.

  4. It's a joyous day for Germany because Angela Merkel who I consider to be one of the best, if not the best leader Germany has ever had, has won a fourth term to be chancellor of Germany. May Angela Merkel continue to lead Germany in the right direction, may Angela Merkel continue to teach German people how to be strong, decisive, kind, and humane. But on the other hand it's a bit of a sad day also for Germany because the racist AFD party has won seats in the German Parliament, the AFD party are nothing but filthy, racist, xenophobic animals, who have no place in a decent society because of the hate that they spew.

  5. Crazy how most of the people complaining about our country are angry white rednecks from the US. Yes we have issues in this country but we are ok. Worry about you're own country. You have Trump as president LOL and so many countries hate you.

  6. Why does she act like the Queen of Europe when she doesn't even have the majority of people support her in her home country. How Europe laughed at May for not gaining a majority, but heck she has an unstoppable majority compared to Merkel!!

  7. german politics are very much not what america wants, despite the utterly unacceptable and deplorable democrat sympathizers and collaborators seeking to subvert americas unapologetic policy freedom and responsibility, but yes they perhaps are a few steps past what many arabic nations under islamic 'wisdom' have polluted as their political and social and economic and legal standards. and that, ladies, is where al jazeeras creatively coordinated courage can separate from their israeli obsessed conspiratorial psychosis and advance into that new and always improvable arena of honest accounting in 'critical' context, if desired. lol.

  8. Angela Merkel everybody around the world loves you because you are so open-minded and nice. Germans love you, Africans love you, Asians love you, Arabs love you i mean you are a classic people's leader.

  9. Merkel, Deutschland ist nicht unter der Socialist Programm. Ihre Party Platform ist nicht der alt-rechts und keiner Populist.
    Merkel, Germany is not under the Socialist Program, Your Party platform is not the far-right and isn’t Populist.

  10. Evil is alive and well. Shame on Germany. Shame. Shame. Angela must be held accountable. This unbelievable individual. Must be punished. Punished in public. So the wotld can see. She must be held accountable!!

  11. I live in Osnabrück right now and they are slowly deporting 10s of thousands of these "refugees" and denying them stay more and more because they have no identities documents etc. Everyone is pretty much tired of Merkel here. This election can't be legit.

  12. Funny how a person in Europe reelected for more than a decade is called solid democracy but then a president in Latin America reelected is called a dictator, just shows who controls the media

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