Anjem Choudary Found Guilty Of Terror Offences


Britain’s most prolific jihadi recruiter Anjem Choudary is facing up to a decade behind bars after he was found guilty of terror offences. Sky News spoke to him exclusively, the night before his conviction.

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  1. shut down mosques and community centre's and gatherings where they meet and see who is patriotic or respects the British flag and democracy and freedom of speech it is simple politics if the politician's had some back bone to do that

  2. Are u crazy he is British and a traitor he should be sentenced to hang for treasonsending this looser to jail he's gonna radicalise people inside there just as al bagdadi did she he was imprisoned

  3. Islam is a cancer that needs to be cut out from this planet. Not all muslim's are jihaddis and I've met some very nice ones in my time but be that as it is, their beliefs are disgusting and they are all completely deluded. They all follow a book where their prophet had sex with a 9 year old and the men wear tea towels on the head and the women look like ninjas and they breed 3 times as much as us. Get them out the uk before they completely destroy our culture! The UK is NOT a muslim country and never will be. We'll bomb Mecca way before that happens

  4. Any Terrorist or terrorist sympathizers should be put to death it's the only way we are going to win this locking him up is only going to make them hate us even more and recruit people inside the prison like they are already doing

  5. Why lock him up all he is going to do is recruit more terrorist behind bars the guy needs a bullet between the eye's that's the only way to fix these animals

  6. Now this radical idiot is clearly linked to the recent U.K. terror attacks. Is no one at the prison monitoring this dingleberry's Internet/phone communications?

  7. I hope he gets raped on a regular and his family get deported where there torchered raped and murdered because that's all these scumbags deserve is PAIN

  8. I wonder why Aren't elements like these bundled up overnight in a cargo plane along with their families and friends and dumped in Saudi? Why is it being allowed to fester and infect people right on the streets?

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