Ants – Attenborough: Life in the Undergrowth – BBC


Sir David Attenborough researches the life of ants in Australian mangroves in this fantastic BBC footage. Visit for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos and watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Earth YouTube channel here:



  1. These ants give us the PERFECT example of how to survive the next flood upon us.
    Now you see what your ancients went through and had to do to survive hey?

  2. i saw these ants right near cairns airport last year. there is a little boatramp a short walk from the airport and when the tide recedes you can see them darting around looking for food

  3. ants are cute. Myhouse is swarming with them. I leave food on purpose for them. They run to it, break pieces off and leave. Later, they return for more.

  4. Interesting how Attenborough says, it has washed away the "chemical trails" that mark the frontiers of their Territory so now there is no clear boundary between them and ants belonging to a neighboring colony.  

  5. I was kind of bummed that they did not look at bull ants.
    Most interesting ant species and BBC just looked straight past them and said "Hey look something in Australia that doesnt want to kill you" which i guess is kind of an accomplishment.

  6. If they build safety rooms with pockets of air to last the flooding, why do they move the larvae away from them? Shouldn't those be natural nursery chambers?

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