Army of grass cutter ants – One Life – BBC


BBC Earth presents One Life. Narrated by Daniel Craig, written and directed by Michael Gunton & Martha Holmes. Coming to theaters February 21! Tickets available at

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  1. No matter how brilliant this queen is people still only characterize her as an unintelligent bug that only thrives off instinct, and with a simple can of deadly poison they will rid her off the earth because it was in the way of their backyard pool.

  2. Daniel Craig sounds bored and uninterested. Sir David Attenborough is so good because he is sounds genuinely amazed by the life he talks about. Of course Attenborough can not narrate everything.

  3. This is an important part it cuts off.
    The ants grow a fungus on the grass. They eat the fungus and feed it to their young and queens. The symbiosis between the fungus and the ants is so great that the fungus species can only be found in ants nests. When new queens emerge, they take some with them to start a new colony.
    Leafcutter ants and some termites also do this. It's amazing that we are not the only species to develop agriculture!

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