Article 50 triggered: “The start of a long goodbye”


The Prime Minister has triggered Article 50 after her letter to European Council President Donald Tusk was delivered by Ambassador Sir Tim Barrow in Brussels.

Sky’s Political Editor Faisal Islam reports.

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  1. How sad will Brits be when all the labour from EU citizens is be replaced by commonwealth citizens (And it won't be Canadians, Aussies, or Kiwi's coming for the jobs that will need to filled) it will be people from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh lol.
    And we all know how much Brits like them…

  2. All them unelected little maggots in the EU.Will have to look for another job because there gravy train is coming to a end.Fook the EU we'll trade with with our cousins in the US and austrailia..

  3. I'm getting sick of the £350 million argument. Everyone knows it's bullshit and it has not been shown to change anyone's mind. It seems to be the remain camps last remaining argument, they seem to literally not have any other points.

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