Asteroid attack 1 – an answer? – What Really Killed the Dinosaurs? – BBC


For 140 million years, the supremacy of the dinosaur on planet Earth was unchallenged. BBC Horizon’s ‘What really killed the dinosaurs’ explores the potential explanation for the disappearance of the most fierce animals ever to walk the Earth. Visit for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos and watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Earth YouTube channel



  1. does anyone have the slightest bit of suspicion that maybe diseases killed the Dinosaurs???? like; Cadasil Lesch Nyhan Syndrome, Pseudomyxoma Peritonei, Pontocerebellar Hypoplasia, Erdheim – Chester Disease, Aids, Ebolla, etc

  2. That layer of iridium could aswell have come from great volcanic processes (take the Deccan Traps in India for example), so it doesn't necessarily mean it had to be an asteroid that caused that iridium-layer. To be completely honest, I think we might have interpreted these rock layers in the wrong way, and we're holding on to that misinterpretation and won't even dare to think of questioning it really.

  3. Your justification is very petty. Primitive humans could not have hunted massive dinosaurs. That is just impossible. But my question for you is, what gives you the impression that the existence of dinosaurs contradicts religion?

  4. Yeah we'll I'm a Christian and I don't want to get into religion wars but seriously has anyone ever thought that we could have killed the dinosaurs by over hunting and such, it's very possible

  5. Dinosaurs evolved into birds. And we killed them. By the billions. Thousands of species of bird land and air gone. Because humans like easy protein and birds used to be the most abundant and efficiently harvested source of protein available.

    So, in all reality, we are what is going to be directly responsible for the extinction of the Dinosaurs. We've already killed off thousands of species and billions upon billions of birds. We keep on this way and the Dinosaurs really will go extinct.

  6. You need to become more literate in science then. The impact wasn't what blocked up sunlight, but the dust thrown up from the impact would. Do some research into the Tunguska event. This was very likely a meteor given the evidence and even though it a fraction of the size of some of the others than have hit earth it done massive amounts of damage. The very small one that exploded over Russia a few weeks ago was approx 15meters and was more powerful than the nukes that ended WWII. Imagine 4000m+

  7. Who said the impact killed all the dinosaurs? The impact was billions of times as strong as the nukes that ended WWII. That would have thrown up vast amounts of dust into the atmosphere, blocking out lots of sunlight triggering rapid climate changes that wiped out vast amounts of life.

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