Attenborough Cares For a Baby Bear – Zoo Quest for a Dragon – BBC


Originally filmed in 1956 as a joint venture with London Zoo, a very young David Attenborough has gone to Indonesia in search of the fearsome Komodo dragon. One of the local villagers brings David an abandoned bear cub he found in the forest. Checking that the cub is in good health, David makes up a bottle of milk to keep the cub well fed.

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  1. Disgracefull, stealing wildlife for zoos. I appreciate attitudes were different then but  Attenborough stills seams jolly & proud today. Should have kept this series buried….

  2. Are you kidding those natives found the bear alone in the jungle. After all these years, and to think they only wanted some salt for destroying that bears life being snatched away from its mother.

  3. Never trust a Native! They stole that bear to trade for goods. Case closed… No Seriously, they stole that bear from its mother for profit. No Joke…

  4. Attenborough makes a fine foster parent. Again, an interesting look at how these things were done nearly 60 years ago. Today, you'd never see a naturalist trading salt for wildlife, even if it was to save an orphaned animal.

    Attenborough is SO young here – he can't be much older than the bear cub!

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