Baltimore City Councilman Nick Mosby tells Sky News he understands protesters’ frustration


City official won’t condone the violence, but explains that Baltimore’s young protesters are “showing us their pain”



  1. 05-01-2015   9:35am
    When Freddie Gray, was placed in the police van, it is clear on that VIDEO
    That Freddie Gray Lost CONTROL of his bowel movement, the front of his pants is SOKED
    With urine along with the sidewalk they just picked him up from. He is clearly in pain.

  2. More people need to know about Mr. Nick Mosby.  He is a great orator and conveyor of ideas.  He has the ability to deliver information with clarity and precision on a level that most can understand.  He can effortlessly deliver his point in a way that can eliminate much ambiguity in many situations where clouded judgement as a result of disinformation, misinformation, and news compartmentalization tends to cause.  We are simply inundated with a minutia of news and opinions of how to correctly interpret all that we see in the media and most of the time our interpretations are made without having access to the complete spectrum of information.  Thanks.

  3. As I watch again as the citizenry of our communities react to their victimization by the government, it is all to apparent that nothing will change until police are made personally responsible for their own actions. No more should we allow loss of jobs, to equal loss of life. Property damage can be fixed, how do we bring back the dead? All lives matter! Read that again ALL LIVES MATTER! No justice no peace. We must treat the government sanctioned criminals as they are CRIMINALS, who must be held accountable.

  4. Whats being said here is 100% correct. The united states is not the land of the free, we are the new face of the third world. There is corruption on all levels of government political and legal.

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