Ban Ki-moon: South Korea’s next president? – Talk to Al Jazeera


The outgoing UN secretary-general discusses the failures of the UN, Syria’s war, the Trump era, and serving South Korea.



  1. Not impressed at all with MR.BAN. Please just stay home and be a good citizen instead of ruining Korea. When I was little, I didn't know better and thought he was worth of respect for being a secretary general. But now we are all aware it was bc of President Noh and the political situation, where it was APAC turn to elect sombody! All I can say is right time at the right place! The situation at home has already been crumbling and exacerbated bc of bad leadership. And you are one of them! I see so much hate and anger in the online community with Mr.ban, but it's always the super old generations who will support this US PUPPET / idot. Sorry for the harsh word, but not this time. You are not getting my vote!

  2. I dont agree with metioned on issuing on presidential on Ban ki moon. Sometimes i dont understand about actual thing defficit on him? Some young ones who cant devid on tortured and affected plain of sick kind of pain got compensation things. Why? Why want sell our country as a poor and cheap? Please look around real world in south korea. Someone being nice and happy during others got pained.. president park is wonder leader in korea already. He is returned as a message for shortly remider for political proceedure.

  3. "slippery eel" ; opportunist and Involved in many bribes"South Korea's Ban Ki-moon, his outgoing successor, is viewed as the dullest—and among the worst"-the economist

  4. it seems like he doesn't have his own opinion. how can he lead one organization or country? but.. regretfully, a lot of aged korean people support him without any reason. i am really CONCERNED about the future of korea.

  5. MY GOD… such a shame… He doesn't even know what he's trying to say. No philosophy, no contribution, and no sense of duty at all. In summary, he talks two things.1. So sad for the tragedy in the world. I couldn't do anything. I'm deeply concerned.2. It will be resolved. Someone will resolve. For 20 minutes of interview, he's only execusing himself that why he couldn't do anything for his 10 years term of UN general secretary.Conclusion. 1. didn't do anything to protect the innocent people in the world.2. didn't even study english at all, despite the 10 years work & living in New york.Ultimate conclusion.OH MY GOD. Just leave and go back to your hometown.Don't even try to work in any organization. It won't help in anyway.

  6. UN trucks with UNHCR flag enter Syria rebel held area everyday fully loaded with weapon covered with food and supplies, Congratulation Mr Ban Kim Mun you are the leader of the biggest terrorist organization in the world

  7. He was puppet doing nothing while in UN. He is totally incompetent! What did he do right? Did he solve any problem? Syrian crisis…handling Haiti's cholera outbreak… he is one of the worst UN leader in history and now he's interested in presidency? It tells me that he's just a opportunist enjoying power.

  8. i see a lack of diplomatic skills and leadership. He's going to be the next president in Korea? Here comes another fuking obstacle.

  9. He has been worrying for many tragedies.. so kind,,, and this is what only he did as a chief of UN.
    He is a shame of UN and now he is trying to be a president in Korea.I am sorry, but I hope somebody take him to the North Korea. He is just one greedy old dude., nothing more than that.

  10. So What are the people saying ? UN is the Salesman for War, Industrial Weapons Profiteers and then all tax Payers have to fork out money, for rebels and terrorists Babies? please reward Ban Ki Moon He does not suck up to anyone ! He is his Own man ! 😎

  11. President Duterte was right. China and Russia should pull out from UN and create their own organisation. UN is useless, they tend to intervene to those countries who are weak and poor status.

  12. absolutely can not be next president because of comment, idea and many other things
    do not want 'concern president' 🙂

  13. Ask this American-Israeli puppet to do something in Myanmar about Ethnic Cleansing,Mass murders, Gang rapes and Genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Arakan-Rakhine State
    & A brutal Genocide & Mass Murders in Darfur in South Sudan and other parts of Africa & Middle East.
    Ask him about real things about Crimes against Humanity that are going on you Arab Mouthpiece Al Jazeera propaganda .

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