Bear Attack – Transylvania: Living with Predators – BBC


Being a shepherd in Transylvania is hard work – especially when ravenous bears keep attacking your travelling mules. Fascinating clip from BBC show ‘Transylvania – Living With Predators’. Visit for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos and watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Earth YouTube channel here:



  1. In two years time 90 % of the forest the surrounds our small city was terribly tortured.
    Any person can buy up forest from poor people,and cut it out until not even a branch remains. Its Horrible Im telling you, no environmental org. is showing interest to protect the most beautiful treasure of Europe. I know personaly someone who day and night except winter lets the men and machine work and taking the huge sums of euro money for it.Except God, who can help?

  2. This amazing wildness is not gonna survive long, since the tree maffioso is razing the most beautiful forest of Europe wild forest looked today half shaved full with empty holes who does anything to stop t destruction from hungry primitiv corrupt peoples acts.
    if this mass forest destruction is continuing, are future generations of reporters be able to film any bears? No, sirs, gonna look like Germanys( 1 more time) black forest where the only animal walking is the huge criminal human itself.

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