Brexit Negotiations: How would Labour have done it differently?


Shadow International Trade Secretary Barry Gardiner says Brexit negotiations ‘went wrong from the beginning’ and explains what Labour would have done differently.

Watch the full interview from Sunday with Niall Paterson

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  1. Well, clear as mud then…the same as the government did! They offered the same, nothing is different….they even offered reciprocal rights for EU citizens who already live in the UK. Nice answer on the ECJ though! We call that circumvented in our world simply because the suggestion is only relevant for the oversight of trade deals but labour would likely hand back sovereignty. Why do I say that???… because they've never said they'd reclaim our own lawmaking and judicial oversight. He's waffling.

  2. A New Political Party Anne Marie Waters For Britain
    Police & politician’s puppets. Labour and Conservative governments have destroyed this country. But people still vote for one of them expecting things to change. VOTE Anne Marie For Britain
    Taqiyya and Tawriya?

  3. The "We'll agree to anything because we're scared to leave" attitude this man proposes is exactly how we came to be so deeply entrenched in the EU against the wishes of the British people. To negotiate from the position of desperation is a sign of the ineptitude of our current crop of politicians. Yes, it would be sensible to remain in certain European bodies, Euratom is an example. The budgets for these are fixed – we pay our share as a member based on one twenty-eighth. It really isn't rocket science – neither should it affect leaving the EU.
    ps. He's lying about what article fifty says could happen after two years.

  4. Come on, the EU are determined to punish the uk and make an example of us so no other country leaves – gardiner and his labour colleagues idea that to capitulate will change the eu minds is completely rediculour … as ridiculous as corbyns conviction that abandoning our atomic deterrent will lead to other world powers doing the same

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