British Virgin Islands feel abandoned by the “Mother Island”


As they begin to clear up after Hurricane Irma, residents of Tortola say they feel abandoned by the “Mother Island”

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  1. Hurricane Approaching Warning.   

    Tuesday 19th September 2017
              The eye of the storm (Storm Force 10) passed between Guadeloupe and Dominica Isles at 5 AM GMT BST (15 degrees 77', -61.5509 degrees west.  
        At 4AM it was over portsmouth Dominica. Sustained wind speeds of 62mph.  
               At 17.00hrs GMT BST, The Storm eye was at 16 degrees, 29'W, -63 degrees 13'W. Catagory 11 Storm. 73mph substained winds.  Air Pressure 979hPa.

                       At 18.00hrs GMT BST, The Storm eye was at 16 degrees, 33'W, -63 degrees 18'W. Catagory 11 Storm. 74mph sustained winds.  Air Pressure 977hPa. It had reached Catagory 1 hurricane status.                                                                                      

     At 19.00hrs GMT BST, The Storm eye was at 16 degrees, 41'W, -63 degrees 23'W. Catagory 11 Storm. 77mph substained winds.  Air Pressure 976hPa. It had reached Catagory 1 hurricane status. Sea Wave swell height 37.3ft.    

                       Guadeloupe and Dominica Isles both reporting catastrophic damage.  The Prime Minister of one Island reported nearly every roof ripped off of every house on the Island.  Reports are of 200mph winds.  My software did not show 200mph winds but it does show it is increasing and heading towards Puerto Rico or British Virgin Isles.

  2. So where is Elizabeth?? is UK waiting for the US to rescue their people?? oh sure we in the US we are only a bunch of helpers when they need us.. for anything else we are the monster of the planet… fck u!

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  4. Shameful how the press is using these people to rile up anti british sentiment in the islands. Long after the press gets it soundbite, real people have to live there.

    We know the British military is working hard and we are grateful the UK government responded well.

    Patience and team work will be needed.

  5. Please please Help my sister Lisa smith Dawson she lives on East end Tortola with her two little boys and her Husband Ricky smith he is an employee at the airport which was destroyed and my other little sister Valerie is there too with her two babies,,, I don't even know where to send the money and will they get it??? Please Find a way to help them all not just my family I'm concerned for all on Tortola that has been affected thank God they are all alive but still they need help!!! ..what is the best way to send donations

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