Brussels Attacks: Special Report


A special report on the Brussels attacks which have killed at least 34 people.

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  1. isis works for the globalists the point of all these terror attacks is to bring in laws to aid their agenda the soldiers of isis really believe that they are doing gods work but the fact is that their bosses boss is the c.i.a. The world is being tricked. wake up people. .and don't take my word for it do your own research. ..

  2. What I have come to notice on video comments such as this is that there are many racist scumbags around. Youtube and sky support these racist views it seems.

  3. I don't know if the whole thing is fake but there are at least 2 definite fake victims in this brussels story, the mummy guy and the no blood basketball guy. People pay no attention but see only what their prejudices and worldview allows them to see. Open your eyes people. Open your eyes.

  4. A chaque fois c'est pareil. Des européens qui caressent presque les terroristes dans le sens du poil en les excusant du genre " oui, il faut les comprendre, ils n 'avaient pas de boulot ", et quand il y a quelqu' un qui dit les choses les plus censées , ce sont des maghrébins ou musulmans " modérés " , comme cet homme qui dit ne pas comprendre qu ' au bout de 6 mois de prison on les laisse ressortir.

  5. We have entered a new dark age in history it's only a matter of time before Islam take over if we let them it might be to late as it is we will end up with civil war

  6. Are not there other religions in europe from different parts of the world and have not they adjusted themselves to the new culture ???? why is it only muslims who are facing problems and why are they the only problem to europe???? It is because they do not want to change but want to change europe according to their wish (sharia), so obviously are not friends to the locals. They are a thankless culture who have moved to europe seeking alms and now want to cut the same arm which fed them. Better kick their @$$ and throw them back to middle east and syria… where they can have a peaceful life with their cannibal and savage brothers.

  7. European human rights, well-being, law, values and safety is all contradicted by the Freedom of Religion and it’s EU guidelines. Much of religion factually has promoted violence and inequality and although a majority who do not regularly commit their religious scriptures fully, some still do and they still have the religious expression to do so.

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