Capuchin Monkeys – Wild Caribbean – BBC


Capuchin monkeys swing from the trees and forage for food in this clip from the acclaimed BBC TV series, ‘Wild Caribbean’.

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  1. Who else is imagining because of the music one of these little guys running off with a bottle of Red Stripe from a bar giggling with their little monkey laugh while a tall, skinny Rasta comes running after yelling, "Aye, ya dirty little rascal, dat a' for da turiss, mon!!!"

  2. THIS. This is how they should be. Not wearing diapers or dresses or in someone's home. These are intelligent WILD animals! This video makes me happy, and also sad, knowing some monkeys are trapped.

  3. So cool to see them in their natural habitat instead of wearing diapers and clothes in someone's house. They are beautiful and amazing. They look like they can fly when they jump!

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