Catalonia referendum: Fierce clashes captured by Al Jazeera in Barcelona


Hundreds of people have been reported injured in Catalonia in clashes with Spanish police over independence vote.

Al Jazeera’s Karl Penhaul reports from Barcelona.

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  1. This idea of meeting their violence with peace is silly at best. People are going to have to do what they have to do and the local authorities will have to pick sides so the people know whether or not they can keep their jobs and guns.

  2. "Europe must not act like a third world dictatorship"…… first off, the reason there is a third world is the fault off eurooeans theft of ALL the world's resources! Secondly, eurooeans have had a politically process that has been nothing but scandal violence and death not even considering the middle ages.

  3. A disgusting Display of DICTATORSHIP thats what it is!! And it shows all the Hypocrisy of our so called western Culture when it plays in favor of EU centralist and US Imperialism then the Peoples will is welcome. But if it goes against there Geo strategic plans and Power centralization they show there real Ugly and disgusting Face. Its a Day of Shame for Europa!! Lets see if Brussels will stand up for Democratic rights of the People of Catalonia My guess no they will not, as its them in the background who actually don't like Democracy! Wake up People here they show there True Face! And the problem is not only in Spain its all of Europa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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