Catalonia referendum: Final week of campaigning before independence vote


Residents of Catalonia are facing a final week of campaigning before holding a banned vote on whether to separate from Spain.

Catalans are defiantly posting ‘Yes’ signs across Barcelona and other cities in the region.

Al Jazeera’s John Hendren reports from Barcelona.

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  1. CATALONIA IS SPAIN: some politicians want an illegal secession from Spain, ILLEGAL FAKE VOTING!
    9 hours ago
    freedomvigilante49 in spain

    Imagine that Babaria in Germany wants to separate from Germany, or that Provence wants to separate from France, or California wants to separate from the USA.
    Do you think that Germany, France or the USA would allow such secession to happen?

    Obviously not, because they are integral parts of their countries, the same than Catalonia is an integral part of Spain since the times before the Roman Invasion of the Iberian Peninsula.

    If such an attempt of secession would happen on those countries, they will apply the law to stop it and the police and even the army to enforce the law because that is the reason of being of the police and the army.
    That's exactly what is happening in Spain, the law, the Spanish Constitution and the orders from the Judges are being applied to stop an illegal voting instigated by the insurgent regional government in Catalonia.

    The police is closing the places where the illegal voting is attempted and seizing all the illegal material, but the police are finding resistance and violence from some people with wounded people and police as result. The police need to use the proportional force when required to complete the work that the judges have ordered them with to enforce the law.
    Catalonia is an integral part of Spain and it will always continue to be, that is not negotiable.

    In the S.XX the secessionist took us to a Civil War, we are now heading to a similar situation so a future second Civil War in Spain is unfortunately now possible. We hope that this time the international community, Europe, and the UN supports the democratic government of Spain to reject the insurgent secessionists and avoid war.
    Catalonia already had an autonomous government with more powers that the government of Scotland have

    But what the politicians from the Catalonia region want is not self-governing, that they already have, but complete secession from Spain and that is utterly impossible.

    Spaniards are very friendly and peacefull people but we cannot allow some local politicians to execute a secession are steal part of Spain from all the Spanish people.

  2. Freedom for Catalonia! Freedom for the Basque Country! Freedom for Galícia! Freedom for Kurdistan! Freedom for Tibet! Freedom for East Prussia! Freedom for Flandres! Freedom for Bretagne! Freedom for Scotland and Wales! Freedom for N. Ireland! Freedom fighters of the world unite!

  3. It is about time sleepy, timid and indecisive Scots to wake up emulate the Irish and the Kurds and follow the Mother of their nation Nicola Sturgeon in freeing their country from British monarchy and the corrupt Brexit elitists who see Scotland as their backwater, vassal region. …Yes to Independent Scotland, Kurdistan and Catalonia and welcome to unified Republic of Ireland…

  4. owho wins? catalonia wants to hold a separation election but Spain state and US disagree….who wins? … states or local people?… date: november 1st….do you think it goes BTC up or down?

  5. What Catalans don't understand is that the decision for Catalonia to become independent is not just up to them to decide. All of Spain has to vote including Andalusia, Extremadura, Aragon, Catalonia, Leon etc etc

  6. Yet another lame and biased propaganda hit by AJE. No wonder why the AJE news agency is going belly up. FYI…the Catalan people are very intelligent and well informed of their choices in this independence election. They have been working up to this day for centuries and don't need a crappy hit piece from AJE to portray them as divided. VIVA CATALONIA LIBRE!

  7. Mean spirited, some fine catalans; but in my experience there are a lot of mean spirited provincials in this part of the world. Who now to take care of extremadura, andalucia and other parts of the interior. don't be fooled by populist spin. this is selfish and greedy from where I'm standing, long live Spain

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  9. Free of what? And depriving Spain of what? And should France decide to annex Catalonia, what then? Tiny tin-pot "countries", based on a sense of regional difference, do they need to exist seperately, as Sovereign States, simply for that their "nation-ality" is different? A different Nation, maybe, but is that all one needs to be considered a Nation State? From what one hears, no little money would be torn from the Spanish economy, should they gain an independance. Maybe then Putin & The Kremlin Boys could eye down their 3rd Middle Sea vassal State while the world once again looks on in wonder. A little land-sea invasion never hurt anyone, now did it. Indeed, maybe I should declare an independance from the rest of humanity and demand a seat at the United Nations, so very different am I from all those around me! After all, what is there to choose between, say, the Catalonians, the Chinese, the Peruvians, the Namibians, and the Spanish? Not much so/me would say.

  10. Each region in Spain is very different from the others. A trip into Spanish History may help to correct the idiotics ideas. Catalonia is not more than another very interesting region amongst other regions with them all unique character and identity. But putting Catalonia above other regions only can be done by ignorants and cheap tourism.

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