The Smell of Prey – Walking with Dinosaurs in HQ – BBC

New Walking with Dinosaurs website here The top predator of the Jurrasic period, Allosaurs, tracks a crèche of sauropods, before facing off against a...

Extraordinary Octopus Takes To Land – The Hunt – BBC Earth

Octopuses are Marine animals, that live and breath underwater, so at low tide one would expect them to be imprisoned in rocky pools. This...

Plankton. The Most Vital Organisms On Earth – World Oceans Day – BBC Earth

Happy World Oceans Day! Click here to watch our SpongeBob SquarePants video The BBC Earth Unplugged team take over BBC Earth to delve a...

Film star animals – Vets in the Wild West – BBC

A look into the world of animals used in the film industry - A marshmallow-eating bear who has had cosmetic dental surgery and a...

Launching Project Tiger – Battle to Save the Tiger – BBC

Sir David Attenborough narrates this fascinating insight into the ongoing battle to save one of the most endangered species of big cat, the tiger,...

Reptiles of the Skies – Walking with Dinosaurs in HQ – BBC

The Cretaceous period saw the breaking up of the northern and southern landmasses. Flying dinosaurs like Tapejara would master the air and the new...

A Rare Sighting Of The Amur Leopard – Planet Earth – BBC Earth

We are treated to intimate footage of the rarest Cat on Earth, the Amur Leopard. Winter is a difficult time for this hunter -...

Spider With Three Super Powers – The Hunt – BBC Earth

Known for eating other spiders, Portia is a genus of the jumping spider that is able to leap up to 50 times her own...

Largest Jumping Spider In The World – BBC Earth

First released on our sister channel Earth Unplugged, watch a jumping spider in slow motion. Subscribe to BBC Earth for more amazing animal videos...

Sir David Attenborough’s Love For Fossils – #Attenborough90 – BBC

Sir David talks of his love for fossils and remembers his childhood days of discovering them. Watch the full program on BBC One 7pm...
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