Cats Speaking Our Language – Cats Uncovered – BBC


The team are going to examine some strange going ons between the cats on the street to see if they can translate their language and decipher what they are really up to… Taken from Cats Uncovered.

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  1. Cats are responsible for the six extinction. A mass killing off birds, reptiles, frogs, bats, bugs and mouses etc. WITHOUT eating them. Cat owners should learn this, to stop more damage. You have a cat he/she is your responsibility.

  2. It is a sad state of affairs when outlets like BBC resort to clickbait for views. You don't need to resort to that with cat videos people! lol

  3. love to see humans care about what cat "think" and do, ………I wish there was as much love, attention and care for other people who struggle on the streets in the cities and other parts of the world.

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