Child labour in Mexico – Talk to Al Jazeera In The Field


Child labour in Mexico – Talk to Al Jazeera In The Field

“Education for everyone” has been a popular slogan since the Mexican revolution over 100 years ago.

But according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, eight out of 100 Mexican children who enroll in elementary school, do not show up for classes.

While barely 50 complete middle school, 20 graduate from high school, 13 get a bachelor’s degree, and only two become graduate students.

A study released by UNESCO last year says the children who don’t attend school are mostly working. The report reveals that at least 21 percent of all Mexican youth between the ages of seven and 14 drop out of school – that’s around 651,000 children.

That means Mexico has one of the largest child labor forces in Latin America, second only to Colombia.

Many of Mexico’s youths who don’t attend school work in plantations.

Talk to Al Jazeera travelled to the coastal state of Veracruz to meet some Mexicans who have traded classrooms and pencils for sugar cane fields and machetes.

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  1. I am not surprised. I was a teacher in Mexico for 6 yrs teaching adults and even adults drop out or are ALWAYS 10-30 mins late from class or do not show up half of the time, but were complaining at times that they did not learn much when on top of it all they do not have the time to study or were simply lazy to. If adults are not responsible than what would you expect from kids?

  2. The two kids and the two parents from the beginning showed great values, happy to see that there are still hard working people in Mexico. I think that if we had the right education we would be a very, very successful country, we already have the values! In my opinion, I don't think it is bad if people from the young age quits school to choose a working path. In various European countries (mostly Nordic), they allow young people to choose a trades path where they learn skills while working at companies that make very specific technology. Sometimes these companies pay for their university and they might even secure a job in that company after they finish the trades program.

  3. I thought d Latin American countries were cool coz they had hosted some events like Olympics n Fifa but they literally suck. most of d countries have d drug trafficking problem. in some countries economy is inflated. I thought of migrating to these countries after seeing some white ppl there ,hoping these countries r developed compared to india.but most of these countries r as similar compared to india with regard to economy. I must change my mind to not migrate there

  4. that's sad kids should be in school learning enjoying their youth not in fields stressed very over worked paid probably not very much of little of nothing it'd sad that some feel school is bad but school is very good

  5. Why is this lady constantly writing while talking to these people?!? very rude and constantly judging. Pitiness is not what they need. They need help. You can spare your pittiness and judging aside.

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