1. Unless someone has made their way from rags and being poor and struggling to rich, I feel bad for these privileged children who don't really know the meaning of struggle and the beauty of the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction from little things which makes life worth living. That feeling.

  2. I don't understand why people get upset when the rich spend their money that money gets pumped into the economy it's far better than that money siting in their bank accounts

  3. I mean at least they work and make money too. Honestly, they seem pretty normal to me.. just started off with more than everyone else.

  4. The biggest dream of my entire life is to be able to buy whatever I want. Just until I have bought so much I grow tired of it and can go back to regular life, knowing that it wasn't all that amazing.

  5. If I were rich I'd buy a house somewhere abroad for my parents so they are out of my sight.

    Then I would buy a house on top of a mountain in an undisclosed location and make sure supplies are flown in monthly so I can live there my entire life without seeing 1 other person.

    This is my dream life.

  6. how are they rich,there makeup first is an F1,there hair is so inappropriate, when they can not even take good care of their skins,whiten their teeth,care for her son.have there on car,houses and own businesses. one of the girls say if my dad sees me on the T-v he will be very mad, Lol that was so funny.the Lady's don't even look hot.like he said this are regular girl.buying cloths of 1.million does not make you rich.get it,am not hating.

  7. I wonder if they're truly happy? I feel like I would get bored of this lavish lifestyle after a while. Nothing would seem as special because I wouldn't have to work or save up for anything. The gratification I would get from putting time and effort to earn enough money to give myself or family and friends a treat would surpass just being able to buy things on a whim. It would be nice to live comfortably, but this seems so excessive. Not to hate on them or anything, it's just not for me. Interesting to watch though.

  8. LOL i dont see why people are so bitter maybe you're racist. yes rich non-white poeple exist.
    i dont see anything egregious with their lives compared to what poor people do so dont claim the moral high ground.

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