Christoph Waltz Calls Nigel Farage The “Head Rat”


“Of course the head rat would leave the sinking ship” – Christoph Waltz reacts to Nigel Farage stepping down as leader of the UK Independence Party

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  1. He does not understand how the European Union works. He is on the wrong side of history and history will forget him as well.

  2. Profitable business, He left a profitable business and campaigned 25 years for his country's independence. Waltz is just a bloody actor, stick to acting. Nigel has used his time to campaign specifically to finish off brexit and not lead a political party. Of course I'm a racist disgusting person for opposing the EU.

  3. 5 months on, and Farage is nowhere near gone, as he said he wouldnt be. Leaving your party doesnt always mean leaving politics, unless your a career politician.
    But thanks sky for getting the input of a random actor in a remake of tarzan, really opened my eyes

  4. The reason Sky cares about actors' opinions (and yes, an Austrian opinion) is because the Brexit has a negative effect on all his hard-working compatriots living and paying taxes in the U.K. IT IS AS SIMPLE AS that. Farage & his supporters attack the basic European RIGHT of free movement and jobs seeking anywhere within the EU borders. Mr. Waltz supports them, and rightly so. Whatever his profession is.Vielen Dank Herr Waltz!!!

  5. Not rats put the tail between their legs.. dogs do that. Who gives a f*ck about what an actor says about british politics? He isn't even british he is austrian. By the way: this comes from a man with some angry apes behind him.

  6. "I can't comprehend the abysmal stupidity"

    That's the English and Welsh for ya Mr Waltz, thankfully Scotland will be free from their insularity in the next few years.

  7. But Farage campaigned exclusively to get Britain out of the EU, nothing more. He doesn't need to campaign anymore, because there really is nothing much left to do (unless the new PM decides to cancel it). He won, defeat would be if he had failed to achieve the Brexit.

  8. He is entitled to his opinion. I voted out. He lived in London for 15 years and so he has every right to say how he feels about Britain leaving the EU. I'm sure that he will get over it. We don't always get what we want and especially in politics. And name calling is just that. It makes not any difference. Speaking of 'Head Rats', however, I'm sure that the word despicable can be saved to describe ' those people that were far more heinous' than anything Nigel Farage and Co could surmount to.

    "That is how despicable these people are … that they can't even stand up for what they caused". Christoph Waltz

    Oh the irony !

  9. Mr. Farage has fought for the British people against the EU for over 20 years. His family has been physically attacked and he receives death threats on a weekly bases. Give the guy a break if he takes alittle vacation. He has no power to do anything else at this point in Exit process. It is up to the Conservative Party that is in power to do so until another Party gains the majority in Parliament. I'm an America and I understand that. I hope that any party chosen by the people of Great Britain do what the PEOPLE want instead of what the big political doaners want like here in the US.

  10. Farage campaigned for Brexit for around 25 years. He obviously does want to leave for personal reasons. He has every right to step down, now, after finally achieving his goal. I love this guy as an actor but this was stupid.. the guy needs to ask himself if he loves Europe or the EU? and if the answer is the latter, why he does so.

  11. Frage has suited the American interests so they can implementTTiP in the Uk because the EU was holding it up. No wonder he was feted in America he has done well to serve American capitalism!

  12. As much as I admire Waltz as an actor, he's way off base here. He's entitled to an opinion like everyone else, but he isn't British and he doesn't reside in working class areas of Britain where communities have been destroyed by unfettered immigration (a direct result of being in the EU). He has never lived in the real world. Those who do live in the real world have exercised their right to vote and have made the decision

  13. Who is this funny little man?Why do they not interview intelligent people?This sniveling little brat has absolutely nothing of any consequence to say.Pathetic!

  14. Nigel and Waltz…head to head debate….we all know who would come out the winner……just look what happened to Clegg when he tried and dismally failed to barrage the Farage……anyone heard of Clegg since?

  15. Nigel wanted to get Britain out of the EU and restore democracy. That's is what he did, so why should he stay? He achieved what he wanted. Waltz is anti-democratic.

  16. Farage when we leave the EU will have to dig up a huge amount of money for his security which at present is being paid for. He is receiving so many threats he will become a total prisoner especially when he hasn't the dough to pay for his security and the Police won't eventually bother. He would be safer staying in Brussels for the rest of his life. Can we call this poetic justice!

  17. Lets see Farage got everything he wanted ,mission accomplished by saving the UK ay taking it to the people and they won, NIGEL FARAGE WON AND BRITAIN WON. This Waltz character sounds like a very bitter loser.

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