Climate Change: Prince Charles Speaks Out


Prince Charles speaks to our royal correspondent Rhiannon Mills just before COP 21 about climate change and the geopolitical impact of our planet heating up.

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  1. Lorsque j'étais petite, je faisais du sport : basket, hand ball, natation et endurance. Votre femme n'a pas le droit d'entrer dans un lieu publique et tout détruire sur le passage en se servant de ma tête comme d'un ballon de rugby. Elle ne respecte pas les règles, elle est hors la loi, je dirais même dangereuse. Elle casse tout sur son passage, ce n'est pas de l'abus de pouvoir, c'est du délire et on l'entend dans son rire Vous devez la laisser tomber le plus rapidement possible. Et que dit la police anglaise dans celà ? Je ne la défendrais pas à votre place. Elle devrait partir et ne plus jamais revenir là où elle a essayé de faire son crime de délire en France.

  2. Prince Charles is wisely talking around the subject in what seems to me a non committal way in respect of the political aspect of climate change . I like seeing his beautiful , tastefully furnished drawing room and beautiful paintings on the wall .

  3. LOL uses sweden as a role model. Sweden has so many problems, and the people there are fucked up. Men aren't allowed to be men. A country of liberal robots.

  4. Sadly, EVERYBODY knows Charles is totally unfit to be king – admitting multiple adultery on national television, talking to plants and stating he wants to be a whores 'Tampax' during a telephone conversation on an insecure line that went viral. Charles needs to learn very quickly indeed to keep his foolish opinions to himself and try to act in a similar way to HM the Queen and his grandmother who have demonstrated absolutely exemplary service to this country and have NEVER said a word out of place. Hopefully, to save the institution of monarchy, the Queen will live longer than her dear mother and the crown will pass directly to William.

  5. This is another rich bird brain clown. With him in charge the country will require serious, embarrassing outside input AGAIN, to cleanse the FILTH that is reaching monumental levels.

  6. ANYONE who believes this JERK OFF could possibly care about the lowly peasants has LOST THEIR MIND! His words are OUTRIGHT PROOF the Climate Change Global Warming NONSENSE he is pushing is just that NONSENSE!! His basis for his discussion is that he CARES about saving the Planet and the helping the People and their futures. NOTHING could be FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!! What a DISGRACE to Humanity he and his inbred criminal family represent!

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