Climate Change: What Happens If The World Warms Up By 2°C?


Two degrees is the target for limiting the global temperature increase. But even that limit will have a dramatic effect on the world’s climate.

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  1. Climate change is natural, this is more bs hysteria, science is NOT consensus, see what the real scientists say right here on utube. Not going to take this bs anymore, plants grow faster when atmospheric co2 rises absorbing the co2 and emitting more O2

  2. This is an older video.. outcomes remain but past 1C already and well on our way to 2C… smh.

    One thing our 'science' does not reflect is that heating in the past was relatively slow compared to our literal pedal to the metal exhaust of CO2. In the past, water would melt along with the slow release of CO2 and that increase in water would have a 'cooling' effect on the climate… right now, the ice is melting but is nowhere near what it will be based on current CO2 levels… BTW – our current CO2eq is probably 505ppm (May 2017).

  3. We are above 1 degree now and nothing of this has happen, but the video is little confusing, if they mean from when this video was uploaded, then i guess like 0.4 degree raise even if that was mostly thanks to the el nino, but still no sign of their predictions.

  4. We're at 1.7 now, where does this guy get 2100 from? Looks more like this year or the next 10 years that these things could start happening.. Not 100

  5. Someone should make a video about how a cup of ice melts. So that Donald trump have a better chance of understanding on a level he might be able to comprehend.
    Had been wondering why so much interest in Co2 to oxygen conversion facilities as of late.

  6. How did the human population reduce CO2 production 120,000 years ago to bring the ice back. If there is going to be more storms as the world heats up are these storms going to be water free or is some sort of sixth dimension going to kick in to remove the extra water so there will be more droughts. Where is all the extra water going to go with the ice caps melting and the rising temperatures. One would think the obvious result would be a lot more rain and fresh water falling on the land it's as if these scientists don't understand that the Earth has a balanced biosphere that always self corrects wallah that's why and how the human race survives and has survived for millions of years but now all of a sudden it's going to end because of a small change in the climate. WTF

  7. According to the accepted geology model of the earth, the outer core (1790 miles down) and lower is hotter than molten iron. A ball over 4000 miles in diameter hotter than 2800 degrees F. If this is true, and some question this model, would not these inner temperatures eventually reach the surface? Maybe this is why things are heating up on earth.

  8. This is not a man made. I believe the global temperature is increasing due the magnetic pole reversal. The magnetic field get weaken during the reversal thus the earth will receive more heat from the sun. The ice will melted and will rise the sea level. once the reversal complete the magnetic field will balance itself and will back to normal. Then the ice age will on the way, the earth get cooler and everything will back to normal. It just the cycle of the universe.

  9. They should do a video on, not if but when we move from the current inter-glacial period in which we are probably near the end, to the next glacial period. We know from history that it starts suddenly and catastrophically with temperature drops of about 6 degrees centigrade in 40 years or so and lasts up to 100,000 years.

  10. There is no certainty in predicting the future and no ability at all to
    tell what the climate is doing, what it did, and where the trends are
    due to sparse, poor, and conflicting data. So many variables running on
    different time scales, and so many undefined interactions, prediction
    is worthless. A probabilistic system where certain setup states may or
    may not lead to an expected outcome, may be thwarted by other factors,
    may be amplified by yet others, or may operate or change to unexpected
    time scales or local scales of occurrence.

    "Climate change" is a propaganda term not a scientific term as it does
    not define what factor of climate is changing, and on what scale. To
    sum up hundreds of things like trends of temperature, solar insolation,
    gas concentrations, volcanic activity, ocean cycles, and throw it into a
    bin called temperature show an inability to understand the issues or to
    think clearly.

    "Climate change" is the ultimate Peter Principle test where those with
    absolutely no understanding of climate, physics, chemistry, and
    statistics make endless predictions of certain doom that fits more to
    their emotional state and outlook of the world than the world's future
    to come.

  11. it's all a lie they are a bunch of paid establishment assholes.. Snow in June, freezing temperatures in July, a killer frost in August: "The most gloomy and extraordinary weather ever seen," according to one Vermont farmer. Two centuries ago, 1816 became the year without a summer for millions of people in parts of North America and Europe, leading to failed crops and near-famine conditions. While they didn't know the chill's cause at the time, scientists and historians now know that the biggest volcanic eruption in human history, on the other side of the world — Mount Tambora in Indonesia in April 1815 — spewed millions of tons of dust, ash and sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, temporarily changing the world's climate and dropping global temperatures by as much as 3 degrees. In addition to food shortages, the natural climate change caused disease outbreaks, widespread migration of people looking for a better home and religious revivals as people tried to make sense of it all. …

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