Coca-Cola bottles to be made from 50% recycled plastic


Coca-Cola has pledged that all its UK bottles will be made from 50% recycled plastic by 2020 – but is this just a drop in the ocean?

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  1. 8c per returned 500ml beer bottle and 25c for soft drink bottles and cans.
    That's we do here in Germany and it works!
    Many people don't even return them themselves. They just leave them behind rubbish bins in train station for homeless people to collect and make the money back on them.
    And to reduce further damage to the environment, glass bottles aren't broken up, melted down and remade. They are sent straight back to the bottling plants where they are sterilised, refilled and sent back to the stores to be sold again.
    The only way the UK were able to finally reduce their appalling plastic bag waste was to give people a financial incentive to not take new ones. Doing the same with recyclable and reusable containers WILL work too.

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