David Cameron Announces Resignation As Prime Minister


David Cameron has resigned as Prime Minister after the UK public voted to leave the European Union in the referendum: http://trib.al/pyWAElH

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  1. useless pig shagging gobshite fucked himself the moron has no brains he got to where he has by the old school tie brigade which contains pedophiles and peverts who are protected by those governing this country so they know they wont
    be caught

  2. And now, not two weeks later, the main conspirators of the Leave campaign have all resigned or ruled themselves out of being responsible for cleaning up this mess, and it looks like someone from the remain campaign will be PM on the basis of the support of 0.23% of the population. Is this the control they wanted to take back? Looks more like chaos to me.

  3. Probably the most I've respected him is when he started choking up on saying "I love this country" there. But, other than that, history will chart him as a rather mediocre PM.

  4. Let's hope Dodgy Dave's 'pie in the sky' 7'days per week NHS
    can cope with his own party antics of Gove stabbing Boris in the back, and then shifty Tom Watson stabbing Jeremy Corbyn in the back on the Labour side. Plenty of blood flowing right now in Westminster politics.

  5. UK is OUT and Cameron OUT along with it. I would go for a pint to celebrate but Cameron policy made it too expensive to drink in the UK. We are not allowed to talk about it I forgot. Cameron banned freedom of speech July 2015

  6. hey Mr Democracy!!. lol sorry but this is very funny..anyways, here is the lesson to be learned. never underestimate the power of STUPIDITY!!..what a silly moron..

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